The black raven has become or some how has always been my spirit animal. I woke up one morning to find a black bird oddly standing alone just outside my dorm room window. Ravens are everywhere in my town, but come to think of it ravens are everywhere you go. Yet, this black bird was different: Special.

It came again the next morning alone outside my window. Fearful I pushed the bird to go away and thought nothing of it there after. But on the fifth day I wept for my life. He came to tell me, “it was time to die.” He marked me for death, but I had a promise to keep, so there after I chose life.

Reaching the November 25. I saw it perched upon an withered tree with the sun vibrant above. The bird said to me, “Youth, fear not the hour nor the day nor even the year. For all men must die. Some old, others young.” Then after a quite moment I ask, ” Are you God?” The black raven simply stared curiously at me than politely flew away.

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