It was a resplendent day for the first Queen sovereign of the Nine Nation Empire. Once again her command on the battlefield was unparalleled by the commanders of her day. Once again a woman commanded men into battle in domineering fashion.

Dogmatic with her fathers crown upon her head; she gave the command that would solidify her rule over the Eastern City states for the next two and a half decades. Thus, ending her seven years expansion campaign. Spanning her empire across another 1000 miles of new living space.

Earlier, when the last city-state met her grand army in battle, Horthsene was thrown from her stale. Losing the crown of her fathers in a sea of human blood. Pleased with the inhuman ability for violence shown by the Queen, Divine Sol, chief of the sun marked her fathers crown forever red. For her savage will to reclaim it. She spilled the lives of an entire army; nearly 150,000 men to take it back. The sick and wounded we’re not spared her demand for blood.

The corpses of an entire civilization sprang like a dead tree beneath a bed of drained grass. leaving the land stained with the waste of thousands for the next ten years. The locals named it Hell. Naples historian’s called it the soils red; the Queen commanded the dead be left behind as a warning to the world and her own people: Naples ruler is not to be challehnged. A testament to her infallible power.

Helpless, The peasant family’s of the nearby nations began to flock each year to the neck of the fallen peninsula were many lay buried; they placed roses and stone monuments to their end. The queen later had the graveyard burned to ash.

Divine Sol beaming with the blood of soldiers. Now seemed to bless the warrior queens crown with absolute power until her last breath. But she didn’t care for a gods favor. With the help of anicent blood magic she learned from her people; she sold the seeds to redeeming her fathers house of Gossier. Without the aid of chief God Sol. After her second coronation. Where she anointed herself Queen-empress. She now believed her place was higher than Divine Sol and anointed herself thereafter Queen of heaven. Later when her power cracked opened the heavens to even brighter heights she would outlaw all worship of the ancient god throughout her new world.

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