A Hateful Queen dies and other Begs

Evenly matched at the start of their battle to the death, General Domichian and Queen Margaret fight for the soul of their mothers empire. However, the inner fires that fueled Domichian’s savage rage surged through his fighting hand, igniting his desire for perfect freedom into an animalistic insanity towards his enemy; towards the sibling who had despised him since birth; who killed his lover and looked down on him for his race. There was no blood shared between them anymore and as the fight drew out. Domichian’s hate outlasted Margaret’s.

Queen Margaret plays keep away as if in a dance with a deadly viper. With each crushing hits she takes from his saber. She retreats back towards the center of her camp. Domichian delivers a damaging strike against her two long blades. Quickly Cutting away her defenses. He bullies the daughter of Queen Hortense into a corner beneath the shade of her own tent. Ultimately, trapping her against a flat wooden board. She gasps in terror as she exposes herself to her brothers final attack. He pounced stabbing her left shoulder in a stunning display of his fencing style.

Seizing his new advantage to finish her. Domichian thrusts his saber into Margret’s right shoulder ending her Fight. She now being incapable of killing him makes one final glare to her brother in disgust. No words passed between them as she quietly passes away.

Dominican turned his attention to queen Lauren who crawled on the grovel floor in fear. His pitiless eyes shot a deadly stare like a wolf hungry for survival. Willing to kill its own Cubs. His right hand wild with hate reaches for his silver dagger. The slate of its unsheathing as it came free from the belt broke her majestys resolve to fight her brother. She pleads for her life.

Lauren. “Please, I’m still your sister?”

Domichian seized her by the neck. In a blood rage he hears his fathers voice.

The ghost of King Alexandre. “End it! My son and you will be king!”

Lauren “Brother please, what happen to the vow you gave to our father? Does it still hold any meaning to you?”

His mind blacked out, he saw the grey shadow of his beloved father: his forgotten ghost collapsed into a mountain of corpses crowned with a golden throne: his tyrannical mother wearing the red crown he so desperately carved dissolved away. Standing by him stood his fateful lover Paul: forever beautiful and forever gay. they were all dead. “I WILL BE KING.” he screams. locking eyes with her and with a strong exhale, he cools his psycho breath. The tension in his shoulders relaxed, his murderess grip softens on his dagger.

Domichian “It does…”

He tightens his iron grip once more and breathes down her tiny neck.

Domichian “And When I’m finished, bathing in your blood. All the world will know! that “I” am King! Our family would be proud. “

– General of the East, Domichian to his half-sister the Queen of the nine nation empire during the climax of the great war between him and his two sisters and older brother whose family ruled the known world in 1846.


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