In the land divided by two races a great civil war engulfed an empire of nine nations and during that heat of battle. A crown rested in a river of blood. A warrior King and Two queens resist a man hailed as the soldier’s king; they clash to take away the blood-stained crown from him. This crown lay before the feet of a blue blood; dressed in a white costume; the king of soldiers holds her neck; panting for her life; the queen cries before she dies, “Deos Fortiorlbus Adesse…” his silver blade opens her throat; gilded in her royal blue-blood; the blades point targets above to the sun god divine Sol in ritual sacrifice. Victorious and Crowned atop the altar of his enemy’s corpses. the would be king exhales his breath with a cry, “I, a humble man elected by the soldier’s, just wanted to be… a king!”

Seeking perfect freedom this would be king went searching for absolute power. The road he found led him to utter madness.

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