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Paragraphs 4

They skid, dash, and blast through abandon hallways. Shutting off the echoing noise of emergency sirens beeping out its final warning to anyone left on broad to abandon ship. The last to fade and eclipse the halls reminded the the the crimson flashers spinning around and around until they each spin to a stop. Shrouding their struggle within tunnels of ghostly darkness. For a few earth minutes these two foes tear at each others glowing sabre’s. Probing for any weakness and to land their final strike.
Intrigue halted the pace of a tall entity in a black cloak. its appearance was humanoid. But even though its features were human his cold gaze masked something illusory. He is the antagonist of this tale, and with a quick parry of his opponents next attack. He inches closer to confirming his curiosity. The Lich as he is named by humanity observes a difference in his longtime foes fighting style. And being a careful Study of his enemy’s techniques since their first encounter. The Lich now knew something was different. Trusting in his intuition he felt compelled to ask the Protagonist of this tale what he has learned. As an arrogant dead corpse free from the worries of death he freely investigates. “Is that a new ability?” Victor a human born on earth trained to kill all evil never once felt the need to speak with his enemy. Naturally, he had a look of confusion on his face which broke his fierce guard to his foes sabre. “We are fighting,” he said. “Teach me?” the Lich replied.
Their glowing sabre’s shred rows of square box corridors alive with all sorts of destruction. Sweeping the air with wild smoke and bright flashing sparks of melted steal. Magus Victor became rather unfocused. The Lich’s ship was under attack and it will not survive their battle. His slave army has already fled, and his own men were gone. Being the hero, he believed, it was his destiny to destroy this monster here and now. But a great evil for the first time has spoken with him. A small part of his humanity wanted to understand. Finally, he asked. “why? There’s no time?” The Lich disengaged his attack, “We have all the time in the universe,” He proclaimed rather confidently. Victor reset his focus and pointed his blade towards the grey eyes of a pure evil creature. “Show me… and I will show you something I have learned.” The Lich offered.
Victor’s curiosity sparked a folly within him; a thrust for more knowledge. The chance to gain mastery out weighted his oath to life. For twenty years he fought this evil. For twenty years he studied his enemy’s unbelievable superhuman abilities. And against his peoples wishes he even studied the demonic black arts to counter any unknowns. He knew the Lich for all his wickedness was a true master of cosmic magic. With little time to lose he trained the most dangerous being in all the living galaxy. He trained the Lich on how to use the eagle eye sword stance.
“Now here place all your weight onto your right leg. Victor instructed and the Lich obeyed.
“Let your left leg stand firm but relaxed.” Again, the Lich obeyed.
“Rise your arms over your head.” The Lich again obeyed.
A crackling thunder boom raced up the hall and pass the two master wizards. Forcing the pair to cast off-white barriers over them. Victor panicked,
“We must leave the ship…”
“No let us finish. The ship won’t be going anywhere. Besides we can maintain our surroundings if we combine our magic. Let us continue. You were saying?” The Lich was lying.
“Rise your sabre until the hilt matches your forehead and Stand true.”
“Yes, I see, such power when I swing my strike across my body. Yet I cannot help but feel my chest lays bare to attack Magus?”
“Yes, the stance has its faults. Yet with practice you can cover up your weak points. As I have… now show me what you have learned. But be quick your ship is falling apart and not even you or I can beat the vacuum of space.” He said to him.
“So true…” The Lich replied and continued, but now give it one more go before I show you. What do you say?”
Glancing towards a corridor window cracking, breaking, shattering under the presser of space. He exhaled,
“Very well Lich but this technique of yours better be worth it.”
The Lich grinned an evil smile leaving victor with a horrible feeling of regret. He knew his folly. A folly shared by all hungry minds. He wanted to learn at all costs even at the price over estimating his own abilities.
Magus Victor, after some time in which his own warning proved to be sound. The flagship he commanded to stay behind for him scores the final blow to the Liches ship. Breaking the ships mighty hull wide open. Tearing asunder the dead ship ten times its size apart. He watched in silence.
“You knew it would come to this?” the Lich said to him “yes” Victor slightly nodded. “But you did not count on still being on broad my ship – You believed you could beat me and get out in time? But your own curiosity has killed you master wizard.”
Victor enraged gave out his final battle cry, “Then We Will Fight Forever Lich.” And made his final charge. His foe played his final hand and appears to freeze time itself around them. Holding back the coming of a great inferno racing to devour them both. Yet in truth he only seized Victors inner mind. Fusing both their thoughts together giving him a few seconds to make his point and to say his goodbye. “Matter Manipulation my old foe.” The Lich said to him.
The Lich reshaped his clothing. An 18th century tuxedo fashioned with a top hat and a black thin cane replaced his black cotton cloak. his grey waist belt holding his sabre vanished.
“Matter Manipulation?” Victor said aloud feeling his chance for victory now to be finite.
“Consider this ship around us. All its parts, its wires, its haul, metal, steal, fuel… I have mastered it all. The very make up of its matter. I can control it. To produce any shape. Any physical material I need. Say a brand-new ship to leave you here to die. . . but before I do. I will keep my promise Magus. I will show you how it is done.”
“How? Victor said feeling his skin begin to flame up. His arm hair begin to itch and sweat.
“Farewell my friend. I will not forget you hahahaha.”
With the end of his laugh which punched the heart of Victor’s chest. All because he desired more power. Victors mind returns to reality to face his circumstance. A sizable inferno rumbles towards him. Sparks and heavy smoke engulf Victor’s frantic watery gaze, “Wait!” He finally cries.
The Lich stood wrapped in a light black cloak. A wild current of steal and metal bands bend before him. Encasing this evil creature into a metallic sphere before Victor eyes. Gas heated dust now blew past him. Igniting the rest of the material into six circler exhaust pipes. Six flames tunneled within them. Held back by some invisible force until the last moment.
The Lich’s ghost ship gave out a hollowing cry. it thundered out into a colossal blast to match any supernova. Hurling debris in all directions of deep space.
Ejecting out of the massive ball of energy zoomed a beam of light. Quickly shooting into hyperspace. While a creepy laugh echoes in its wake. Until silence returned to deep space.

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