To sea to shiny sea, open and free, O Masters of the seven seas. Seal bearers to the American peace. Still sprawling until its last end. The tragedy swelling around American society bursts upon the western waterfront. A free spirit collapses under its own mortal fears. Pulling the flag of the red, white and blue forever half fast. A middle-class mother and her son catch its end. A schoolteacher walks along barriers with his wife to witness the event. Eight College students skip class to force their way to the docks edge. The long gap now leaving them behind extended up a ladder. A large abyss sucked the way back. Now comes in the Louisiana governor and up ten steps from his family. State senators, businessman and Hollywood celebrities fill the front rows. The President of the United states made his entrance followed close by men in black suits. They take their place within the core. Rhyming with the ancient past. Six flamboyant new Caesars behind the worlds looking glass. Walk up the velvet steps woven in royal purple. Symbolizing in their minds the status they now hold. Atop they Stood within the center of the new world order. Around and around these six Caesars restart the dance. Three spins to the far left. Three swirls to the far right. Taking them all higher and higher to reach a golden star above their thrones. Hiding a white raven as they go. its time has come. Yet, now these American Caesars seized by worry eyes of the people. Charm, harm, give, love and laugh. Never to break their gaze, fear takes hold, in terror they fold. Not to turn back the Six Marshals end the dream of a democracy. The world never foretold would go.

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