In the history of the 21th century there are fewer more contentious rulers than Emperor Augustus Marshal of the United States of America. This is the man who started world war 3 in the year 2048. His final attacks on Florida spelled the end of the three branches of the American government. Its republic which stood the best of time for nearly 300 years now falls to an imperial style roman monarchy; However, is the rule of one man the beginning of the end? Or only just the beginning…

The imperial Oath of Office:

I do solemnly affirm that I will maintain the integrity of the territory of the Empire, to respect, and cause to be respected the laws of the United states constitution, the freedom of worship; to respect, and cause to be respected the equality of rights, political and civil liberties and national prosperity. To raise no taxes or duties of any kind of government or any kind of veto power. To never designate or proclaim a successor or heir. To maintain the institutions of the American states and to govern with a view solely in the interests, happiness, and glory of the American people.


Augustus Marshal

New reality

“My fellow Americans. Good evening. After just listening to our new emperor a moment ago. I can only pray for our nation. And with a heavy heart. I sign this agreement with the Emperor. Understanding fully our new future and our moment in history. Yet as i go and walk like you the American people into this uncertain time. Let us do so as our four fathers have done and let us not be ashamed.”

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