Celestial Song: the Watchers; sung by Fallen Angels before Empress Jessica Marshal in the imperial throne room. She listens in baffling awe as mythical Spirits open a wormhole into High Paradise.

Let us tell you about our Home.

About where we come from.

A relam bright and beautiful

A home of joy not of sorrow.

There it shines, it shines, it shines

it shines, its shines.

Into eternity it shines.

Our citys are made of wood and stone.

We live in O High Paradise

Above, beyond here, lay our Fathers House.

To reach such an awesome height.

Fellow, the Morning Star

He is the Heir to God- hood

Come take his hand. He alone is worthy.

(Short pause)

Long ago we took up Arms

Our Paradise lost

Our Pride found us Searching

More Favor

More Praise

More Authority

He will not forgive, so we must win

To reach are way back Home.

High father

We will come back Home.

(Long pause)

Our sandles have crossed the natural world.

Remember, We are the many

Yet the days have been to long



Your Morningstar

O High Almighty Star

Please heavenly


Before the end



Your Morningstar.

To everything there is a time.

Our time has come.

Judgement Day has finally come.

We are legion. We are the Master Race and we will find our way back home.