Who was this Famke Marshal who held onto the flames fueling Augustus magnetic star: fresh and familiar within the palm of her hands she saw revelation. Revealing within her a shared desire. To one day inherit the earth.

In her fast pursuit to match her brothers dream with hers. She found her wishing star. Disguised as a white raven. Perched upon a withered bush. It called out to her. Showing her a remote world. A place vastly different to her own. A strange number of people such as she had never seen before flock towards her. Some hairy, others dirty with dreadful smells. The image of her father resting in his coffin resemble their gray faces. They endlessly praise her name in a sea wave of cheers. Flowing back and forth as this little girl rose to seize her future.

Even at the age of fourteen Famke Marshal intended to one day take the throne her brother built. The pomp and show of Augustus coronation drew her to the fires edge like a moth to flame. In her short life as the daughter and sister to two great man. She forgot the sorrow of her fathers death and took a oath of allegiance. To the one almighty star beaming before her. To follow in Augustus foot steps she would shine the second brightest. Be the first female in the family to lead the world. Yet, the female side of the family to her point had no desires to create an American dynasty. Nor the country.

In the first year of the emperors reign. Her mother Hallie with national support condemns Augustus public crowning and protests againt changing the nations democracy to an elective monarchy. however, Hallie quicky becomes uneasy about the lost of her Privileges as a wealthy woman. if she pushed Augustus with the support of General Armstrong to hard she would lose more than just her state mansion houses. if she pushed to soft her supporters keeping her political leverage may end up leaving her. But she still had Armstrong. So she quicky woke to the sweeping changes of her day. Augustus is America now. with her choice made as the year ended she moved as far as she could form her stepsons new American Empire. She begged her children into her ex husbands private jet. Her only son Kaleb quickly rushed all his bags in and jumped into the first seat he saw. Famke shoving him in that direction took the front arm chair which belonged to her father. Hallie chose her exlie well a sprawling Mansion in Greater China: under the protection of a foreign government her family could live a simpler life. Ultimately the new Emperor recalled the jet plane and sent them under armed escort to the Vice President’s Mansion; his child hood home. Jessica Marshal their cousin later takes refugee there with her son after threats to her family drove her closer to embracing the new world order: yet Jessica still publicly disowns their new tiltes and calls on Congress to up hold the Constitution. Always two steps head, Augustus walked the political line as if in a play. becoming all things to all men. Soon the nation embraces his new imperial vision. His victories during the third World War took on a life of their own. giving him incredible influence and persitage over a period of time after his crowning. So for now the nation begin to learn their new roles. His new imperial family soon followed.

During the two years Augustus was away fighting Greater China he left the capital city: Washington d.c. with four capable generals and his sister to the imperial family. Famke marshal believed she had a divine calling to rule the more she watched her hero brother perform on the national stage. she saw his role as an Actor or dancer. She also saw her self as an actor on a stage rehearsing lines becoming the embodiment of the state. she believed only the Marshals can work this charisma nationally with Americans. Naturally the last act in this drama will be hers.

Among her friends she would proclaim herself, “EMPRESS OF ALL AMERICANS.” in a exclusive joy she adds a few spirals of her ballet steps over and over again across the wide corridors of her aunt Janes old home. She Commands in a wind snapping voice to her friends: Jesse, Luke, Tiny, Tyler, and Trevor to repeat after her. “Famke Marshal Empress of All the Earth.” “Hail” they shouted after her, “Hail.”

Turning 15, She found her way to absolute power in an Ambitious Air Force general Robert Moses. A general who found himself an outsider when he disagreed with Augustus war plans against Greater China.

At a state gathering sponsored by Famke through her mother. Robert first meeting with her highness had a uneasy start; he intervened between the little bully and her brother when they had a quarrel break out in public. she was seconds way form slapping Kaleb when the general lightly stepped in between the two. he warned her highness to never strike a family member; he went on to say “it is ennoble to use force to get someone to agree with you.” it was an awful first encounter yet to her surprise he bows to her and then Kaleb and takes his leave to join the party. To her surprise again and with her curious nature wanted to see what this general could do for her before she marked him for death. She approached him with a question.

“How does one get what they want with out force?”

He later offers Famke help when he over hears Hallie giving her a touge lashing to leave her brother alone. She apologized yet only to walk away and curse her mothers name. he saw a vivus little loin cub egar to wear the adult mean. So this man with Extraordinary inlfunce in the justice department. Supplied her with a few FBI agents on his payroll. giving her license to remove Hallie Marshal and handcuff her to the Supreme Court house two weeks later. the nation understood the warning. As long as she lived under her mother’s rules. She could not come into her own as the royal sister. within days The nine judges were dragged to their seats to pass a favorable judgment to have her own mother jailed.

The day Augustus openly welcomes her back to his completed palace chirsined Great America. She gives a 18th century English court bow: her knees slightly met the marble floor and in confidence whispers with head bowed, her true wish. “Might makes right.”

The American Emperor in a lavish ceremony with Congress and the u.s president present. Gave to her a official intervention to live in the palace with her brother. Overwhelmed in joyful trumpet the next day she orders as if she already wore the Grass Crown a five thousand soldier military parade to carry her throughtout, Washington D.C. Yet instead of military honor. Famke is overwhelmed to see her brothers authority is not respected by the whole nation. A reenergized Congress denie her request for a costly parade and a guard of honor to escort her home. instead, nation wide protects engulf every street in the nations capital. Shouting “let her go!” referring to her mothers imprisonment. fearing for her life Famke had to enter in serect her new home.

The exhausted press openly call for the emperors over throw and the return of a third revolution two weeks after Famke refused to set her free but later released her on the Emperors orders. This deeply scared her highness to the core. If she is to inherit Augustus throne. Her authority could not be questioned by the conquered. A new eagerness to win her brothers full trust emboldens her to create a plan for her future. Alone in her room she saw the white raven again. Her youth and bullishness would not stand in her way. She wanted everything all at once. So, she lived as if each day were her last.

Operation Protect the Prince

Famke in a masterful performance of confidence and eagerness to help her brother create the first American dynasty. offers Augustus a parthership: “Allow me promission to promote the new monarchy and i will insure your legacy. No one in the family wants the world you built. she circles around his throne. her small eyes fix on the grass crown. She lightly crossed her arms behind her back and continued, “Lets rule together. by the time i come to the throne i should be married with children. our father’s dream can last forever.” Was this a girl of fourteen years? She planned and schemed like any season Politician. Augustus desperate for family closed his eyes and covered his ears to reports revealing Massacres and deportations by her command.

During those days the days of television, social media, wifi, camera devices took their place in an unwritten history for some future generations to write. the national press scarcely had the means to reach the fractured nation exhausted by 30 years of civil war. So this girl with just her fathers last name exploited old fashioned tools of propaganda: the theater in the streets and games, and circus. Augustus was pleased. And to her suprise he aprovals her request to have her own personal bodyguard. Now amazed at her ability to maplalte her brother. She used all his influence to its fullest. Now armed with muscule this litle girl born to reach her goals. began her calculated terror. First she would need to influence certain members of the Emperors commanders within the FEMA organization desperate for funding. The nation after years of war resembled many places found in the middle east, Africa, and parts of Europe.

Though careful not to offend the sister of the new Emperor. The secretary of homeland security; Nancy Casey in a mome to the federal goverment peldges to only to support her when under enormous presser. fully aware of this Famke made her next move in vintage stlye. Her Imperial Highness road in a carriage drawn by sixteen dazzling white horses. closely accompanied by ten thousand Marnies, four attack helicopters, and a fleet of F- 35b jet fighters to regin over the skyline: she licenses these weapons of war for three months as she traveled the fifty states. Creating a swril of violent protests and extreme negative media attention: escalating to the fever pitch of revolt; thousands would clog the street’s to protest her arrogance.

Famkes carriage pulls to a stop. She is helped down a few stairs. The echo of a vast mob hollows and hangs in the air. she greets a warm reception. Her highness than in a dictatorial display of the reality of her day before the secretary picks out a tall aged man to step forward ; ” you, are you the commander here sir?”

“Yes, highness.” he said with slight hesitation. he glanced to his marine’s should he dismiss this spoiled little girl or take her seriously and keep his head with the Emperor. Unsure he played along.

“Richard Paul, commander of Marine unit 4?”

“Yes, your imperial Highness”

“you been a sign to me by orders of the emperor, yes?”

“yes highness we will do our best to keep you safe.

“Commander, repeat your order to me word for word.”

“Really, highness there’s no…”

“please commander, indulge me.”

“My orders are to escort you to all your appointments and to obey your every command.”

“Very good. Commander. see that swirl of animals behind us. i want that crowd gone.”

“But theres over 4000… surely once your highness steps inside the noise will die down.”

“I order you to fire on them.”

The Commanders morals paused his actions for a moment unil he remembered the reality of his day. “Yes your highness.”

A One hundred kilometers wide separation between her and those wishing to stop her open display of terror were revealed.

In order to secure the loyalty of this woman unsure of what to do with a little girl on a violent path to save her future throne. Famke Marshal leverages the Marshal families new prestige over the crys of what was left of the American people. She labeled in her own words, “terrorists” with ease she promises positions of influence and financial backing in government contracts in eighteen states. she knew Nancy’s son. he attend her school. She could have them raised up in her brothers reign and the next.

Famke had no authority to promise such influence. Yet her ability to lie and double deal with supreme confidence lead her all the way to the gates of her desire for power.

Her youth held no barriers to her ambition. Famke in a conscious aim chose her wardrobe wisely. depending on who she meet she always looked the part of a concerned leader. For imperial troop inspection she wore a white shirt and grey pants. With wing tip flat shoes with the seal of her famous father on her right shoulder or on a brooch. For public ceremony she wore a classical purple tunic laced with golden American flags. And on her head she wove golden leaves with a purple ribbon resting on the back of her hair.

Her end game as she saw it depended on acquiring key FEMA disaster camps spread across the nation. These disaster camps made an excellent vacation for those causing her family enormous trouble. Three weeks later, on October /15/ 2050 Some miles outside the state of Texas; Famke made her first inspections of a 50 mile wide FEMA camp completely isolated in the desert.

There she made her intentions known to those she entrusted to implement her utopatin vision. And in the coming eight months she single handley sets in motion the creation of Americas first death camp: code name The Counrty Side.

The following year upon his return from his wars with Greater China she ever missed an opportunity to praise her imperial brother in the most pompous of displays of loyalty. She prepared military marches to welcome his returns home form abroad. Complete with drummers and fireworks. Lavish dinners with Many multi rational dancers and singers praising his triumphs in the civil wars. A Savor to the American dream. She even performed her own ballet for him. Highlighting his coronation with under tones of her own future crowning. turning sixteen years old a rumor began to circle around the borken country that large numbers of journalists and national celebrities began to simply disappear. With high tension around the nation the United states President could do little with his 1/4 of the Arm Forces to ease the fear. He needed more time to seal an alliance with Greater China. For now Her highness flexed her terror over the fifty states. Her imperial brother engorged the out cry while on his long campaigns in Singapore. Banishing by letter any General even close friends of his fathers who spoke out against state policies; all went to the countryside. Before long, Augustus was desperate for a true trust while abroad. He appoints a council of four generals to govern in his absent.

Famke marshal enjoyed many hobbies. She excelled in the Arts, poetry, and classical singing. the balt became her personal expression to display her passion to domaint those around her. In her own way as she often did, she tested, the very limit’s of the Emperors power. unbiased in her cruelty. Her highnesses tormented school friends, the new servants, members of her fathers navy core. Even Her younger brother fell pray to her Claguia-brand of terror. Famke had no desire to show marcy. Indeed in one instance a retired vice Admiral was brought before her he was Beaten within an inch of passing out. Her Praetorian guard than return him to the Washington D.C party a few miles away. Americas new elite breed out of the clash of competing brands of government in the last 30 years merely watched. They freely reported on each other. One moment friends the next informers shouting, “Traitor” they follow blindly but conspire in serect. loyal to no one but their own future. The military fearfully loyal to the new world order publicly praise the American Princess. “Hail Famke The next lord of the world!” within weeks Famkes terror quickly sent a permanent chill up their backsides. They to fell victim to the age old lies of princes. through her fathers memory and the emperors prestige her word became law. This unspoken power would be tested on many occasions. And Famke acted swiftly.

The first public victim would be a United states field commander while at a state party with members of congress and the U.S President. This soldier had to much wine and talked freely about the politics of his time. “What a psychopath that sister of his is. . . the state, run by children. the twenty five year old veteran knew her father as a classmate. And fought on his side in the wars. Much like the field commander yet not drunk Famke Marshal quickly acted. Without warning or thought to the poeple about her during her late practice lessons with some friends. And Before a large crowd. she ordered the Soldier shot in the back of the neck. With no fear of reprisals. She continued with her ballet practice to the thunder of applause.

in the summer of 2051 Famke Marshal publicly proclaimed she would build ten thousand new homes and businesses for the new subjects of the American Empire. And return D.C to its former glory. She would rename the entire state Paradisum: the New City. And it will be build within 2 years.

Famke Marshal often sang while practicing her ballet lunges down the longcorridors of her palace apartments. At the top of her lounges she repeates,


In the year 2053 Jessica Marshal traveled from LA California to speak out against an injustice. Finally the reality of her day wakes her to act. When Thousands of people are rounded up and put in black buses in front her and her son Adam the younger with her Hallie and her son Kaleb Marshal. Before jessica could recall the first time she heard the rumor. She knew now they would be taken to the countryside. Jessica stood up and shield them all; every person, man, woman, child, the young and the old, the strong and the weak and she shouted for them to get off the bus. They all joyfully run off the buses with no fear of retaliation. She was universally Known as the direct cousin to the Emperor. She was universally liked by the public and military.

The commanding offeror gives her a warning.

“Your highest you have the day. I knew your uncle… I’ll give you 1 week to set this right. Afterwards I follow my orders. I pray you return to D.C and speak with her imperial highness as she is the authority here. And I hope we understand each other.”

Jessica wasting little time she travels light and travels with Hallie by car to The New City in Paradise.

Making the three thousand mile journey in six months due to the poor roads and highways. Jessica enters the former Washington D.C state in the early moments of dawn. Through dirt roads and temporary bridges built in a hurry she made her way to comfort her cousin on the state of the country while Augustus was away. Passing military check points Jessica watched the change in her environment. The state highways once in disarray and with out funding. Sprang alive and open to travel. She would be in the New city in 15 minutes.

To her surprise as she drove along the main road she felt the years have been rolled by 30 years ago. New roads, sideways, clothing stores, food markets, gas stations, apartment blocks, houses, parks, school buildings, a McDonald’s, ice cream stands, traffic on the roads, people going about their lives in joyful bliss. Laugher and chatter filled the busy air, traffic lights controlled the flow of movement. Clean air filled her nostrils with nostalgia. She felt at home.

Hallie, could not believe her eyes. For a moment she believed to be wrong about Augustus. For a moment this progress before her justices the reality of her day. All the splendor and charm of this new place for a moment has given her hope in the future. Ice cream they all shouted first from the back from the two boys kaleb and Adam the younger; Jessica to found her self Getting a craving for mint chocolate. 

But they drove on and at the center of the city which felt like all the roads lead to this massive structure known as the Federal Government District. These builds foundations were once apart of the capital building of congress. Long stretches of marble streets paved the road to a building named Center One. After their last check point to reach the entrance to the building Jessica debates weather to keep going.

“I don’t know this girl.”

Hallie simply replied “come on let’s get it over with.”

The Assassination of Famke Marshal

Six hours waiting in the gallery wing; six hours of questioning the meaning behind the 200 hundred paintings or photographs of Her cousin in action in the progress of the nations success. An imperial aide dressed in a rich tunic with gladiator sandals welcomed their visit and began to Instruct them in the etiquette of the palace and when In the throne room and when before the imperial princess.

In the fourth year of his reign. Augustus openly abandons his treaty with the United States President to publicly crown her his heir. Finally provoking the calls to civil war around the nation. Yet The United States President still waited he needed Greater China which was not ready for offensive attack.

The day of her eighth birthday. A large party was held in her honor. Hosted and sponsored by his highness prince Kaleb Marshal and the United States president Matthew. to her surprise the two in separate promotions invited waves of supporting crowds to hail the crowning of the next heir.


Full Story Coming Soon.