Who was this Famke Marshal who held onto the flames fueling Augustus magnetic star? Fresh and familiar within the palm of her hands she saw revelation. Revealing within her a shared desire. To one day inherit the earth.

In her fast pursuit to match her brothers colossal dream with hers. She found her wishing star. Disguised as a white raven. Perched upon a withered bush. Surrounded by fresh pillow snow. It called out in a loud cry. “Kraa, kraa!” Opening a remote world. A place vastly different to her own. A strange number of people such as she had never seen before flock towards her. Some hairy, others dirty with dreadful smells. The image of her father resting in his coffin resemble their gray faces. They endlessly praise her name in a sea wave of cheers and hails.

Flowing back and forth they suddenly grab at her clothing. Rip at her hair, reach for her eyes, pulling at her legs, whisping in hungry noises of warnings.

“Go back, pull back now!”

“Dont talk to it.”

“No, no don’t go there.”

“Stop, stop Don’t talk to the Raven.”


“You may never come back Famke.” Impetuous to their sorrowful crys. This little girl showed remarkable courage stepping forward to embrace the pale raven. The forsaken crowd long behind her, vengeful and scared now began to riot away. Breaking into dust along her preceded path. Melting the surrounding pocks of snow to reveal the barren earth.

Finally, frightful screams echoed all around her. Sealing her eyelids shut in pitch blackness. This would be the only vision shown to her. A soft smile relaxed her rosy cheeks. She gently caressed its pale beak with her index finger four times. whispering, “There, there, handsome bird.” With another soft whisper in its ear. “Might makes Right.” Her answer now given the winter snow bird simply flew away. . .

Full short story coming soon

This story is apart of my novel series the Six Marshals and In the Garden of the Morningstar.

Check out my site for more stories.

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