Trinity Posession magic ritual;

blood magic: The host you desire to possess and later sacrifice; there are three components that must be met; First all must not hold on to life. In order for the magic to take you into the 12th Dimension you must truly expect death. the spells power comes from the last moments before a spirit crosses over into the spirt dimension. They must except death completely; Second 1 of the sacrificers must be immortal: the third, can be unwilling or willing sacrifices; when enough souls are sacrificed they will not truly die but be channeled into a pure energy colossal enough in force to open the field into the 12 dimension. All three principal sacrifices must willing die or they will surely die with no outcome. Even if just one of them accepts it halfheartedly. The magic will not work.

Death and Unlimited power to create a new world are the motivations that drive Emperor Augustus, Satan, and Lucifer to find God hood. God hood is the key to their salvation: The magic spell God hood: the Trinity Posession magic; cast around 3 powerful beings igniting three willing souls into the twelve deminsion known as God hood.

Holy fire a being of unnatural greed and lust to be the only god worshiped in the natural world makes a pact with the king of dragons. the god of that world. Without giving all the workings of the magic. The king of dragons accepts possession for he wanted to see the 12 deminsion before he died and pass on his crown to his son the Great Red dragon.
Yet, Holy-fire greedy for unlimited power alone falsely slaughters his entire race believing more death will increase his God power. Horrifying the king he desperately tries to save his family. but it was to late. the old Dragon could do nothing to stop him.
Holy fire also merges with a divine Angel of light who he deceives with promises of creating a new world a paradise with him; Lucifer was apart of that foolish Angels spirit. The tiny part that did not want to die. Some how the newly born Angel pride and will conquers the ancient blood magic. yet still giving Holy fire God-hood regardless of a small part of the host rejecting death.

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