A New King
I swore before Divine Sol fidelity to my mother the Queen at my crowning as principal heir. My lords, by the laws of this land she is the governing head over us all. In her hands lays my fate as the head of my family. . . great men of the empire, a woman, is the highest judge to all subjects here; how could this be? When did the sons of Sol become content with the rule of a woman? I am the Crown prince and natural born heir to the throne, and yet her supporters believe with great anger and revengeful intent that I am not her heir, unworthy to wear the jewels of the crown prince. I am told here and a broad that I am the hope of one great house and the scourge of another. That I bring courage and the promise of old times when ancient nobility reigned over you all. Even today many nobles suppose, I bring despair and civil war to our universal empire of Nine Nations; to that thought they keep me form my rights. Which has embolden such man in crowdess to call me the Black Prince of Neapels;

I am Albert von Gossier-Wiessenburg so named by her majesty though she had another name for me. Another title that would have been my birth right. Tell me, why I’m I scorned by her majesty? A Crown prince born with the blood of two great houses! Should not a male heir of that union be much more desired then a woman? Though she may have the blood of noble kings in her veins. She was not born into the Wesnieburg family. The founding house to our empire. Their ancient blood runs through my veins my lords. Though I pray my mother reign over us all for a thousand years I will not wait until the Red crown adorns my golden head to demand respect … my right to have it can not be questioned. I leave you with this my lords… Our Gods are on the side of the Stronger. And they are on my side: even at the cost of the queens abandonment of my rights. I say shame to you all.”

Albert’s speech before an assembly of supportive Aryan nobles and sun tribe nobles which did little to change his fate. The queen was determined to remove her son from the line of succession: the nations imperial chancellor even more so. Leo was now the second man in the empire. But the final sentencing lay with the first woman and so his verdict would have to wait. For at this time the queen was gripped in the arms of her new lover; a fair prince had returned with her in royal fashion. She was in awe of him and never stayed to long away from his charming blue eyes, Albert remained a prisoner in his own palace for two years

2 years later

The imperial palace houses 24 grand horse stables. Albert unable to leave his gilded prison. Takes on work as a stable care taker with in the grounds. Unheard of for a prince to do common work. Each morning he draw up the horses. feed them, bath them and give them comfort when badly injured and speaks to them as if they could talk back. He rode each horse in the queens forest. Training himself and the horse to trust one another.

Thus, on one of his rides on the queens road did the prisoner in his own palace meet the blued eye prince now king emperor consort of the empire.