The month was February in the year 2048 in the capital city of Washington D.C. Her soon to be styled Imperial Highness Jessica Marshal takes her seat within the imperial box with her family. It was designed and commissioned by Famke Marshal sister to Augustus as a gift. she with handpicked friends fashioned the imperial wooden box. Lined with decorative ancient roman columns and tapestries that hung along the balcony made real the symbols of the new monarchy. Famke was clever in her design. Without any words or show of force her coronation hall would signal the change to the largely American audience and the American government. Famke intentionally separated each body into three levels. in the lower boxes just to the left of the throne. The federal government, the judicial branch, the executive and the legislative filled the many rows labeled with each of their individual names and positions. The new political culture could be understood by all without any awkwardness. The military and his family were to the right. Augustus was pleased by his sister’s attention to detail. He began to see she shared his vision.

The first American coronation hall built in a hurry with only 29 days to complete the wooden building buzzed with fear and excitement. Each person eyes were glued to the coronation chair which was borrowed from a now lost museum. Found during the war for Europe. Augustus had it stored until a day he would need a fashionable chair to sit on.

They all as a collective body the American public awaited their new head of state to crown himself. However not everyone was paying attention. Shifting in boredom beside her sat her only son Adam the younger. Adam had no interest in the historical event taking place before him. he and his cousin Kaleb were merely waiting patiently for the ceremony to begin so they could do what boys do at there age. Play with their toys. Kelab brought his elephant while Adam made sure he packed his basketball and a few action figures to share.

Just eight feet away and standing amongst a few catholic priests rose their cousin and half brother Augustus Marshal the now first American Emperor. He was 20 years old and he was about to make history. Jessica and their collective family the Marshals watched as he Crowned himself Emperor of all Americans in front of what could be the last of the Americans. Her proud public tears for her cousin only masked a rush of emotions fighting to break free. She inwardly disagreed with all this show and theater. America is a democracy and she still believed in its principles. regardless of a wars outcome. But Jessica however, Believed his promise to create a road back to democracy by the end of his reign. Yet would he give up his power? for the moment America was Augustus. She had to have faith in the cousin she believed she knew well.
She forced a smile carefully wipping her cheeks when her cousin the new Emperor nodded in her direction with a smile of his own. Sincere with his public affection towards his family. Only blinded Augustus to their real feelings about his new world order. Would their political and philosophical differences have any real world consequences?

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