Are we Rome? Rome’s catastrophic civil wars lasting about one hundred years and ending with the ascension of Caesar Augustus as First citizen. Had a profound change on the classical world leading all the way to our own modern day. Not just for its historical, political, and cultural significance to us living in the 21th century. But on our views of the best forum of government in the west. The differences between good charisma and bad charisma. How the fears of one-man rule ultimately leads to it.

The Devil in Somalia (a cosmic horror with a mixture of dystopian concepts)

My intention is to have certain figures in Rome’s past during the fall of its republic to an empire mirror many in my novel. The main viewpoint characters (Augustus, Kaleb, Jessica, Anna, Famke, and Adam the younger) will be distinctive but will rhyme with their past counterparts the Julio-Claudian family.

The United States of America more than any other nation in the last 2,000 years has exhibited undoubtedly alarming similarities with ancient Rome. Though we as a collective people are not on the break of civil war as I am writing this book, we are not immune. My six-part novel will bring the reader into a “what if world” 34 years from now.

In that future a twenty-year civil war has consumed our nation. Many factions strike at each other for their brand of democracy. This remote world seems fit for a person with great charismatic force and a global ambition, and a will to lead America down the road so many predict, fear, and crave for us. This will be a story of our own human nature to hero worship, our choices as individuals when faced with terrible situations that go against long standing morals.

A place of total world war, death and inhuman cruelty. This tale will bring out the best of humanities quality and their extreme worse behavior. In all the tale of the Six protagonists will present to the reader some old questions: Does Might make right and is there nothing new under the sun? (history) if so, history may never really repeat itself exactly but will it surely rhyme? Finally, as with all power. Power corrupts absolutely.

Please check out my first chapter: Thy Democracy from this amazing project I’m pouring my life into and leave a like or subscribe for more storys.

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