When it dawn on Jessica she was not going to destroy the fallen Angel. She made a defining choice. She could not surrender to this spirit. Unimaginable Torture, hunger, and endless suffering awaited her and her family. Charles was no where to be found or likely dead and with no clear way to save her country. She spared her unborn child the uncertainty of humanities future. Taking the knife she brought with her to end the fallen Angels life she used it instead to cut her throat open. Hoping to spare herself more pain.

To her surprise a wall of dazzling light seized her. Slienting her cries, Vaporizing her pink flesh, her entire skeletal body, reaching inward towards her mortal spirit until it too turned into something resembling dust. Then a long quiet followed.


When she awoke a few moments later to glismp her afterlife. She is greeted up by her cousin the Ruler of the World. She gazes up and felt the skin on her hands had life again. She quickly knew it was only seconds go her life hung by the thinnest of thads. Yet she felt more awake and healthy then she had ever been.

A great tornado swirls towards the Ruler of the Worlds eyes as dual infernos. Brusting with heat and smoke to match their new surrounding cloudy sky.

“Welcome to the Countryside.”

In her darkest nightmare Empress Jessica Marshal begged the man she once called cousin for mercy.

“Please Morning star. Where is Charles?”

“Jessica Marshal What is good? All that gives the soul pride in the individual, the Will to Power; God-hood it self. What is bad? All that is and was. What is happiness? The return to ones home, that death is overcome. My dear to everything there is a time, a season, and my time has come.”

With the end of his words The Ruler of the world’s body began to beam the purest white flame Jessica could ever hope to perseve. No words were spoken between them. Jessica watched in awe and terror of the real demon before her. Was she in a demonic realm? or really in the deeply feared concentration camp code named the Countryside. Jessica did still feel human emotions; fear and surprise which over took her as she is sweeped through by a magnetic pull. Emulating out from this shadow before her. And as swift as the moment between them came and went the Ruler of the world fades out of sight. Jessica is left to witness her new reality. The frost bite itching up her toes had little time to nag at her nerves. But only momentarily for Jessica soon realized she was naked in the middle of millions.

Her thoughts began to collect and focus. The side effects of returning back from where ever she traveled began to go away. The first sounds she allowed her self to hear were far off screams and violent yelling. No one had noticed her on the dirt ground. German shepherd dogs bark in the distance and a heavy smoke swriled through the air. Forcing jessica to cover her nose. During her time in the abandoned church with Daniel she learned the smell of dead bodies. And she kept the smell from turning her stomach.

Before her throngs of exhausted people on a massive scale line up in columns of a hundred and twenty. They traveled in one direction. The winter open sky compond seemed to never end. it very well maybe a whole state if not another world. Much like the first counrtyside. Which expanded the state of Texas.

On one side countless people made up of all races marched with out clothing. They were all held together by steel chains on their necks, ankes, and rists with a long pole resting on their left shoulder. This connected twenty 20 people together. it looked to be made of steel and wood. On the right side she saw the same rows of columns. Yet the people were still dressed and were not chained together. They still had their belongs. They walked into a gated block compound away from the naked which were being shoved into what looked like a rusted old farm house made of steal. Black dust surrounds the massive complex. Jessica felt the fright in the air as dozens are violently lead by ten foot tall armored men with pale wings and with wipes clutched around their hands. Even at her distance Jessica could not calm her anxiety as her heart pushes at her chest. Alerting her spirit to what the body already knew. Yet what looked like millions went in there anyway into an unknown fate. But Jessica knew the only thing waiting for them in there is pain.