I did not set out to write dystopian fiction in the sense that I’m not interested in writing a book just to add to the many apocalyptic worlds already on the bookshelves. What I’ve learned in my research about the might equals right philosophy is I was more interested in telling tales about the nature of positional authority and the consequences that derive from their position. How would an individual respond to having unlimited political power over their peers based on their own unique life experiences. Which to me is extremely interesting. Because everyone’s choice will not be the same and some may even surprise you down the road.

If we ask our self’s what limits human action. Whether it is by violence or corruption within personal relationships. We find that authority is the source that determines all individual sovereignty. Dystopian fiction in my opinion is the best genre to introduce this concept.

If anyone of you readers are interested in human freedom. Then you must understand how authority affects human action.

With The Devil in Somalia ( the villains journey) I’m in the process of presenting a story about the dangers of hero worship, the charismatic leader. A warning to handing over unchecked power to one man or family. With this concept I hope my readers will come out with a deeper understanding of the philosophy of Might Makes Right. Which will i hope unveil behind the curtain the pomp and theater that goes into the final image of a world leader.

In the ancient world the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar understood the complexities of governing a global power. A champion of western culture he ran the roman senate, army, and the roman people with supreme respect and admiration long after his death. No body since the days of Sulla made all three pillars of roman society really work together in my opinion. So, with the Six Marshals loosely based on the Julio-Claudian family. I will center the story around another boy with dreams of saving his country’s soul and see where his story takes us.

Would you like to learn more? Leave a question in the comment section for more discussion on this topic.

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