After Augustus Marshals death and the proclamation of Kaleb as the second American emperor. Air force  commander Robert moses took the young ruler under his influence and had full control over all his actions and the empires for a few months in the fall of 2062, “Not even the Crown princess Famke Marshal was so feared or obeyed” according to the captain of the Praetorian guard. Robert became arrogant and domineering. He issued orders to the Emperor himself in front of the federal government and Army and then had his own guards remove him from a military council meeting. When the boy dared to voice his opinion. To which the Emperor replied on the way out, “We shall see who is emperor in the end, you or I.” Soon Kaleb would see his chance to rid himself of Moses when the commander went on a goble tour to promote the American empire. Alone in his fathers room a familiar charismatic voice promises him revenge as Kaleb rehearses his fantasy coup in front of a mirror. The ghost of Augustus appeared before him matching his movements with his own. Until suddenly Augustus quickly popped alive out of the mirror in the flesh. He stood in front of the American Emperor in full classical roman military uniform. The first American Emperor promises to solve his little brothers problem. His only option left open. He gave him a steel hammer already bathed in blood.

“What is good? All that gives the soul pride in the individual, the Will to Freedom; God-hood it self. What is bad? All that is and was. What is happiness? The return to ones home, that fear is overcome”

But would Kaleb be ready to lift the hammer without support? For two weeks the Emperor practiced his goose step and wilded hand gestures as if he commanded his mirror to knee before him. He wiggled his finger back and forth while reciting his future decrees. He wore his father’s admiral uniform custom fitted to his exact proportions. His father’s admiral cap the one he wore when he was barely eight years old now fit his head perfectly. The young man was beginning to believe he was his father’s son and heir to his brothers throne. A position his sister coveted but did not survive to claim. But Kaleb survived and he soon believed in his divine right to have it for all time. He would continue his father and brother’s legacy and usher in a golden age of American power. Famke was dead and he survived. God had put him here for a purpose and by the time his supreme commander returned from aboard the second American Emperor  was ready to lay his surprise trap. First he had to buy off the guards loyalty and show them strength as Augustus would. Kaleb would spare no one.

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