Augustus Marshal went forth in search of power. Since she was not to be found, he made a deal with a white raven.

Prior to sealing his miracle victory at the battle for Florida by first capturing his enemies. The new master of the United states of America gathered his naval fleet and took an unexpected detour through his new nation. First by parading his aramda along the east coast then by marching his army by land through the country. His  generals disagreed, their concern centered around leaving their main rival the current United States President Mathew Marshall alone for what could last months to mount his own counter attack. Perhaps in his desperation he could draw out the Chinese from their isolation policy. Augustus disagrees. With the war now won and the country ready for peace.  Greater China had no interest In using up resources it did not have. They must now court his favor for continued trade and peace until they were ready for war in the near future. So time was on Augustus side to rebuild his nation.

Anticipating this Air force commander Robert Mose takes on the role of adjetater. He calls for a violent change in leadership to bring about their goble military dictatorship. And remove Augustus and declare war on the Chinese while they were weak. The others each with their own agenda disagreed. convershon, back door dealing, and political undermining became their chosen options. Which was always their way. This conspiracy of course was all privately discussed. even though they knew Augustus was a merciful man he was not above destroying his enemies. Perhaps as they returned to their senses Augustus was saving the Federal Government further humiliation. Giving them time to understand the new reality of their day? or perhaps he wanted to see what the poeple would do?

During this time of his greatest triumph the generals agreed to obey Augustus wishes. Yet this would not be last time his core generals worried about their new leader and move to delbretly influence events in their favor. For now the world and indeed noth America was Augustus.

Staring at a massive collection of the last of the American race Augustus witnessed hunger. His country’s straving faces for change. They gather to honor his victory by cheering and waving thier country’s flag. Shouting his families famous last name. With the full view of the people he mounted his horse before his exhausted countrymen, Gently fist bumping those whom understood his gesture. He touches their fingers briefly to his, shaking their hands when possible and made a great effort to look at them eye to eye. Which brought on a feeling of the indispensable soul of the individual. Each person he gazed upon became endeared to their very own Napoleon or Alexander the great.

The journey he was about to embark on stood the hairs on his thighs and arms. it was the beginning of the autumn season. Augustus began to regret choosing a simple white tunic with barely any under gourmets to present himself to the masses.  Nevertheless, the task before him kept his nerves cool. This piece of machiavellian theater could only work if he believed it himself. His cult of personality will start to today. He Kicked his horse forward blasting them both towards a calling of purpose.

Before a gray sun Augustus existed the Jacksonville limits at first alone which alarmed his field generals. One by one they all gathered to him for he was their future. Their travel ticket to change society. Augustus welcomed them shouting his fathers battle cry.
For the Constitution and the People of America!
They answered back. “For Thurinus the son of Tristan.”

All along the many state highways and dirt roads people shared what they had. Providing their fellow neighbors what the government could not. With the break down of civilization many gave Can foods, bottled water, second hand clothing. And soon a busy living market flourished around the dazzling young conquer. Across the shattered American states large numbers of families walked and drove for miles and miles to see their new leader. Wishing to capture the moment he rode through their State on a white horse. Many could not believe or understand why their new leader wore anicent roman clothing; a tunica with a civic crown on his head and soon their collective enthusiasm turned to fear and anxiety. A military dictatorship seemed to be rising.

Within a few months the young modern day Caesar travels to the great state of Louisiana. There he payed respects to his mothers unattended grave. He lay six victory laurels over her forgotten tombstone. He spoke a few words to her far away from any ear. it was a pravite moment for him viewed by thousands held back by armed soldiers code named the Praetorian guard. He than road out again on horse back to the next state; Texas, new Mexico, California, Denver, Washington state, Oregon, Oklahoma, and finally back to Washington d.c. The seat to the once unified government.

Augustus possessed a national voice
which could carry his message of the American destiny acorss a great gathering. So his intentions and beliefs in democracy caught the heart of every American he came into contact with. First the military with dreams of military junta to continue its dominance over the face the earth. They signed a packed in secret with him to travel this road away from real democracy with him. They saw that will to power in Augustus. it became a unconscious desire to hear more form him. To be apart of his achievements. Which grew to large for the average soldier to bare and so they saw themselves within him. The generation before the wars saw they could freely dare to dream through him and his unnatural successes. He became their link to the past a moral leader to return liberal democracy. The second, the new generation of people left behind after four civil wars in 20 years became moths to the flame. Conjuring a god king image of him. A modern day Alexander the great or Ceasar. They put their faith in him to achieve the impossible. Augustus worked on the feelings of all, keeping secret his own intentions.

Tuesday morning, there In the broken capital city of Washington d.c the people gathered which were a great many perhaps the whole nation. And there they felt a sense of true beginning. A rebirth of morality in a place they never considered to look in. but instinctively they held out the desire for it all along. This generation wanted peace. So Augustus paraded across the fifty states and finally to the White House to give it to them. So they, the American people; they the keepers of the peace, They the indispensable nation of the 21th century; collectively granted him a Grass crown to show their gratitude. On

From the moment the federal government lost to the aftermath that followed. Augustus kept the Federal branches uninformed to his long term intentions. He made them wait like the conquered faction they were. President Matthew, now without allies( the UN and Greater Chinas peace keepers were throw out after Augustus victory.) perpared his administration to embrace their new conquer. He was at first alone in this but soon the other branches gave in.

As a Collective, the United States Congress privately rejected Augustus as head of state. Wishing to continue the wars at any cost. They swore secret oaths to have him assassinated. But when no public support came and the news brokeout the Arm Forces would not back Congress. They publicly in a pomp and show of official loyalty voted unanimously to grant him the highest office in the nation.They styled him, Fleet Admiral and commander and chief of the Army. The military ranks his father held. However, Augustus refused.

Within a few hours of the announcement the counrty was pulled under a cloak of uncertainty. An echo of renewed war swept through the Army. Less than a few hours after the news brokeout the Arm Forces as if with one hivemind gathered at the capital steps demanding they grant Augustus supreme power. Nervous to the consequences of retaliation with half a million soldiers in the capital city. The Senate and the Supreme Court fold and amended the United States Constitution to add the fifth branch of government. Granding Augustus the sole title; Emperor of All Americans.
Augustus was pleased and felt it safe and right to enter the capital city the next day.

The Lives of the Six Marshals