Notes on a piont of view character for the Soldiers King

Main Antagonist

But Domichian had doubts like all men consumed by the lure of power; there in the world dominated by the crown imperial: the world in which all true subjects knee before the golden throne; the calling to divine right must be universally recognized by all subjects, whether true or false. Unquenchable answers must be contradicted between he- Domichian and they – the good people of the empire. That, though his mothers Will contradicted his claim to have it, he knew he was born for it. It was not until Domichian read this mothers diary which after learning all her secrets took her story as the divine sign he needed, or believed he need to take his crown; Domichian felt it was time to be the king. But for him to wear his mothers Red crouwn the ugly truth about the social instability in the Empire had to be answered first; the Allegiances that bonded the people to the universal Monarchy had to be swept away in order for the commander and chief to claim the great empire his mother established 25 years ago. it would all end in Blood.

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