Notes on a point of view character: the Soldiers King

Main Antagonist.

A vain man particularly in the area of his looks and uniform: though his outward appearance gave him no reason to be so vain. Born with a dark complexion and short curly blonde hair, Domichian’s appearance showed to everyone the union of two blood lines seeking to end rebellion. His white officer uniform given to him by his step-father never stayed clean long after a battle; often he would leave the blood of his enemies on his boots when he meet foreign kings or fellow officers to show he bleed with the average man. His eagle-head sword which took the lives of so many brave men smelled of rotting earth mixed with flesh. Making it unbearable to be near him unless they have been around the savagery of war.Coming to his own as a powerful General in his early twenties, Domichian wished to always standout from his fellow officers who he was leading; So he never wore medals nor any kind of decorations on his chest. He gave it all to his loyal men. A true warmonger who often chose to fight rather then to give peace. He was careful of appearances when in the capital city. Giving the Aryan court the illusion of a humble man. Often he would wear a brown uniform; the colors of a low rank captain. To ease their fears of a coup while in there company. But behind close doors Domichian was brutal and unforgiving person with little ties to anyone but himself. His warped jealousy of the Red Crown of his mother drove him in the end mad. And like his mother he hated cowardice, and loved the idea of supreme power. it was a terrible mixture for both suffered form mental depression. Combined with low self esteem problems. They caused the deaths of countless peasants to die for their calm to the Golden Throne. But unlike his mother, Domictian’s signaler goal for self preservation (prefect freedom) would lead him down a path riddled with tremendous errors. When it came to the colossal matters of state. Effecting the lives of over one million people. And that of a 1,000 year old dynasty.

Leo, High-lord Chancellor of Naples commented on who General Domichian truly was.
“That man has a split personality – both parts evil.”

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