King Alexandre and young Domichian are engaged in the heat of battle with the Frankish empire. There two important events take place. The first being the life long bond the two forum on the battle field. Trained in the art of the sadre the two nobles fight side by side to repel a greater force. However, during a curtal moment when they must strategically separate their armies for full victory. King Alexandre surprises Domichian by making a vow forged in blood. He names him his second in command dividing his army in half. Giving Domichian 25,000 troops and 7,000 cavalry to the shock and disgust of his men who did not respect the black prince. ingoring the men Domichians understandable caution and mistrust of everyone broke away. He finally sees the king as his mentor. The other important event came between the Grand army and Domichian when he successfully leads his soldiers made of Sun tribe and Aryans into battle under his sole leadership. In doing so he saves an important beach head from a superior Frankish blockade. The new Commander in the middle of combat is confronted by the Frankish commander a warrior prince. The prince arsonisted that a colored commands again apart from his mother challenged Domichian to a one on one sadre duel in front of his own soldiers. Young domichian escaping with his life kills the prince by channeling all his anger and helplessness into his attacks and with each blow he landed. Witnessing the fire and courage in their young commanders eyes as the dead princes corpse lay beneath him. The diverse soldiers cheered and shouted long live the prince of the Nine Nation Empire. From that day on Domichian earned their respect and acceptance. The Grand Army as embraced him as one of them.

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