Potus and the Future American Emperor

Augustus, son of a military dictator was born into the chaotic American spot light at the middle mark of the 21th century. Later, his future conquest of his homeland would shape the western world for the next 100 years. His family’s last name the Marshals run deep within the United Stated Military giving him access to opportunities not afford to the average family. They say Hail the marshal family and in the year 2051 it became a daily prayer for the common military family looking for advancement. As a collective intuition they were fed up with the poor morals infesting society since his beloved fathers death. They choice Augustus to lead them into a rebirth of American exceptionalism. For American pride pasted into a distant memory. Chaos replaced order. And as the many factions grew to divide the country by military might. The nation began to tare it self apart for resources.

Greater China and the World Powers

Out from its border’s In each direction. American authority was tested first by Greater China and its expanding territory. Second by western nations. American style dictatorship, abuse of power, rigged elections, and open tribute to other nations all became the political norms of the day. Bringing the dark into the light. The suffering of a never ending American civil war to take back democracy pressed the American people and Army Into aiding Augustus Marshal. A man who wanted a Grass crown.


During those days three political family’s dominated the war. The Louisiana governor and his family held the nations wealth hostage. They backed the other two contenders. All three within a span of 30 years Dismantle the nation’s Constitution for their personal gain. The Governors most powerful client the United States President a member of the second faction enforced his laws and policies. First term Us President Matthew Marshall held the curtain over American stability together. Even as he crushed the American law underneath his vision for the future. With the help of the executive branch they rowed out the red tape over the nations eyes and the world’s to the weakness of the state. No nation would or could out right make war on America during its current instability. So long as this three partnership agreement was in place. However, to their collective disadvantage society fought this world order each step of the way.

This US president seeking more military support enlists the 5th fleet under the control of a mercenary commander in Africa. The 5th fleet declared neutrality after the end of the last civil war 4 years before in 2047.

Under the condition of taking back the strait of Hormuz and reestablishing America’s authority in the region. The mercenary commander agrees to aide the president in taking back the great state of New York city.

A rebel Army general Seeking dictator powers. Captures the city in a bloody street by street fight. Proclaiming Marshal law.

Shortly thereafter, the us president unexpectedly falls into a political trap. it is revealed to him the mercenary commanders nickname is Thurinus. The son of his assassinated political rival: Fleet Admiral Tristan Marshal. This revelation sprang the leader of the free world to rethink his power base with the other factions. A boy with a powerful name. With out any political alliances. In charge of grown up toys could be used to his advantage. His part in is fathers death still remained unknown. The boy knew nothing about how his father died. How could he Air Force commander Robert Moses spies Or he would have declared war already. The president saw his chance to play the sucker. However, unsure of the character and intentions of this commander. He could not gamble this time even with assured victory. He requests a private meeting with him.

They meet on September 24th 2047

Augustus fresh off the battle field agrees to sit down with the president to discuss terms of an alliance after gaining a clear advantage in numbers and support from the US Navy. Later the Arm forces were quick to learn who his father was and thus they declare in his favor. Followed closely by The Air force. Granting him lordship over the skies. They publicly Hailed him the Lord of the Air.

At 10:15 am in the oval office the two met unaccompanied. Comfortable behind the resolute deck the President invites Augustus to seat before him as if he were going to the principals office. Feeling this Augustus takes a seat already prepared. He marvelous at the historical significance of their meeting and his place in history. The U.S president was uninterested in the present. His worries were on the future.

“Commander I have to say this meeting feels a bit over do. Commander Charles tells me your a man of great charisma and charm. I knew your father many years ago. We worked in government closely. You and him have the same quiltes. And yet your father was a traitor as you may know. Forget what the local news tells you. He wanted war and dictatorship. I saved this country. My boy If you didn’t believe it before. Consider it now… Because this country this world cant handle the truth. The truth on what America has become. It scares them and you as well. It forces them to change. Americans want everything to stay the same. Back to the way things were. Before we tore each other apart. I am giving them what they want. A world they can recognize…”

“Mr president, There lays the problem. You, Them, They. they’re always scheming to cover up the dead bodies. The scandals, the fake news stories about who we are. Shying away from our true self’s. Our TRUE destiny. Our only destiny… there is a single path we’ve been on for one hundred years. One that has taken us on a journey. Our people are Marching towards a greater height. Fulfilling mankind’s next step into finally seizing world dominance. To touch the stars. A single global people with one goal: Glory.”

“Your father said something similar. Will this future be guided by you alone? Only you can achieve it for us? I don’t need your help Augustus. I knew who your mother was. Jane the Dictator they called her. She died on the White House lawn just behind me. 85 bullets to the back. She would have shattered our traditions. Just as you desire to do.”

“Name calling? Let us move away form the past. It’s chapters are forever set… instead let us together forge a new future. Where only America continues to stand alone at the top. The Chinese, the Europeans mean nothing to our destiny. They suck on our nipples hopig for more. Let them forever stand just a step below. Forever wishing to get a glimpse of what the valley below truly looks like. Up at the summit of the ladder.”

“I’m sure the Chinese will have something to say about this new world order you want to build. And I’m willing to believe you have let go of the past. Augustus I’m afraid you been miss Lead. You are acting in treason against your country. The military can be very manipulative. Your army is in the service of the American people not your own personal key to unlock that closed door. Yes I know what you desire. I saw it in your eyes. You and your family have the same eye disease. A pack of tyrannical Wolves  Poisoned with some kind of mad cow disease. Bleeding from your teeth with dry blood on your hands. Yelling I WANT MORE! You’ll stop at nothing to have what I already possess. That’s why your alone in the world with nothing but corpses backing you. Because? they stepped to far. Your glorious parents. Tyrants! Now your about to walk in their footsteps. They didn’t make it to the final one. Not out of this room. And I’ll admit you’ll taken it just an extra step more. Oh yes your father would be proud. Seeing his son command such an army. Well it is just his army anyway. Your just piggy backing off of someone else’s glory. An upstart…”

“A man with no equal… here on this earth.”


“Those are my terms for this alliance.”

“Have you lost your mind son?”

“For the earth will belong to him. Forever. Mr president…”

“I will be the First. It is my divine right here on earth. I am the future. I’ll offer you a deal Matthew. This civil war your fighting. The one costing us our democracy. Can end — within the year.”

“Your a joker. No deal… we are not pagan Rome.”

“And yet the crown will be mine. It is mine. Matthew I could go in this alone… Kill you here or Leave you here. The last United States President. Or you can join my world. And therefore benefit from the new world order. As a President among many to come. With my family and I. You will march along with us to Victory. And let us move on towards the future quickly. Theres not much time. What do you say? For the Constitution and the People of America?


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