“Who is the third who walks always beside you?

When I count, there are only you and I together but when I look ahead, up the white road

There is always another one walking beside you.”

-t.s Eliot

“The Waste Land”

Chapter 3

“What is that Tap? tap, tap, enough with the tapping.” Augustus mumbled in his sleep. His eyes opened without much of a fuss to take in the afternoon sun. Augustus slept another night hovered over Tristans private work desk. a gift his mother presented to his father in honor of his promotion to the highest Navy rank; Fleet Admiral a title held by two rear Adrimals before him. The cold dark tone desk with its heavey frame reminds the boy of Kennedy’s presidential desk in the White House. He was just six when he saw it for the first time on his visit to the peoples house.

The gentleman style office organized with all the trappings of an American Naval master held sway over Augustus childhood memories. Every where he looked a memory took him back on board his father’s battle ship. The memories were the reason why Augustus spent the night here instead of his own room just acorss the hall. His fathers study felt like the right place to be after learning his hero will never enter his favorite place again. Yet his dreams of his happy youth began to fade. Yet something was taking him away from this happiness a long tapping sound. tap, tap tap coming from the only window in the room.

“what is that noise?” He now felt the crawl of autumns chill grip his blanket; the cold gave him a great desire to go back to sleep and believe whatever comes he would not cry in public; However, he is overwhelmed suddenly with an impending doom enough to flood him with nightmares. Forcing him to deal with the stiffing neck pain now riding up to his ears.

Weighing his options to either return to sleep and see his parents faces with him again or stay awake and face the reality of his day made him angry. He did not want to choose. His chest felt falt and empty as if everything was taken out of his body. He needed more fesh air. He felt the stal air itch up his noise. The cold morning breeze could do him some good.

He assured himself he was awake and sane he pulls off the desk and lets the blanket fall to the floor. His grim gaze finds a white bird beginning to tap against the window and the source to what woke him. He couldn’t think fast enough before the pale feather bird awakened a familiar feeling within him. But he could not believe the connection. He felt the spirits of his parents again.

“Why did you wake me.” he suddenly yelled out of his mouth as if the bird could answer. Could it answer?

He watched it for a moment. Still tapping away; glaring with small red eyes at him; it almost felt like he saw into the eyes of something supernatural. “A white Raven?” he said. His stomach tightens which started a painful rush of wanting to spill his guts out through his throat. Taking a few deep breathes his aches subsided. After unlocking his window, a bluster of gale winds carry various brownish leaf’s into the room.

“When my time comes will I?” He cried before he could relax and think about the bird.

Why did it tap gently on his window? he took a moment to check the lock on the window. was it trying to get in? Tell him something important? Whatever the bird wanted it would have to wait for Augustus returned to the reality of his day and the guests awaiting him downstairs.

A soft knock follows Tristans private office door opening. Augustus questioned if it was Dylan coming to cheer him up. Tell him everythings going to be alright in the end. that the offical news report on how they died wasn’t true. That they both didnt lose that day. The leader of the free world dies form an apparent heart attack on broad Air Force One just before crashing? its engines break down crashing 8,000 feet from the air into the Rocky Mountains about 20 minutes later? Snatching away the two greatest Americans with him. They were only suppose to be on tour to view the counrty side. Assessing any damages. At least that’s what the official report said. they were visiting the hardest hit areas by the civil wars. how could this have happened to the three most important leaders of a great nation? How could his father let it happen. Someone is responsible.

Lifting his headout from the window. Augustus saw his cousin Jessica Marshal walk in. She quiclky walks in and hugs him which came at a surprise to Augustus.

“I thought you would be far away form here? No one is safe here. We must leave to fathers naval based in the harbor.” He said.

“i was, than i remembered all that i would be leaving behind. Hallie believes we are save with the Arm Forces stationed here.”

“is it true are they really gone?”

“Augustus, its been eights days. its ok to cry for them. they will be missed.”

Jessica walked over to Tristans wooden deck. Everything stood in its place yet hardly any decoration or family photo was on the deck. A few books and papers were stacked neatly on the right and left of each end. One book stood out to both of them its title read: In The Garden of the Morningstar

“What time does the furnal start?” Augustus asked hoping to divert her curiosity and to stop her form disturbing his fathers work as he left it.

“3:15 pm, its almost time you should get ready.” she said leaving his study.

“you never believed in my fathers vision for the future did you? Can you really believe what they told us. How they died?. ”

She stopped short from closing the door and faced him. “I dont believe in consipusices or miracles. Augustus your only sixteen. i know once you see them down stairs your going to believe their might be a place for you with them or find an opportunity for some kind of revenge. But Thurinus find out what you want first before you chase anothers dream. More importantly stay sixteen and take care of your self. your father left you something in his Will. it will be read after the funeral.”

“You know what it is?”

“Yeah money. lots of it.”

An empty feeling toggled at his chest. Moving Augustus back to seat behind his fathers desk.

“Someone wants to see you can i let him in?” she opened the door slightly enough to let Augustus see who it is. Thinking at first it was Dylan this time. Augustus waves his hand to let him in. Surprising to him However, it was his half brother Kaleb Marshal.

“No, no how about later buddy that sound ok?” Augustus quickly said as he got up and helped Jessica close the door. She notices and rows her eyes in defeat. “come on Thurinus your family needs you.” At eight years old kaleb happily agreed pulling Jessica’s arm off the door. Kaleb saw no harm in coming back later. he could tell his older brother was upset and needs some space. Kaleb, though unware of what was happening observed his sister and brother were upset and he remembered his mother telling him to respect other peoples space and that they still loved him.

Augustus uninterested in comforting his family slams the door shut and locked himself in. The last two people to protect them were gone. Yet in truth Augustus only cared for himself and his future. Death was on his mind. He was afeared to die.

As he walked back over to his fathers desk he saw the book his cousin spotted. He opened to the first page. The first line read a question in his fathers hand writing –

Does Might = Right?

Augustus never saw the words before. Did his father write them? why was he asking the question? with out a phone or computer nor internet the generation of this new America had to relearn how to collect information again. Books and newspapers suddenly found a prominent spot for the last of the Americans. it was no different for the unofficial prince and the dictator Tristan Marshal. Augustus, quickly determined if his father was researching this question than the answers would be close by. His study was filled with books. Tristan was an avid collector of books on naval warfare. He might have added a few new ones to find his answer. For Augustus needed to perpare to meet his fathers supporters. They will be looking to him as their new patron.

(Dylan should enter and speak to Augustus) at least 500 words. Main theme what are Augustus next moves. The truth of his day will be made clear to him.

After locking his fathers study behind him. Augustus took a long shower. Dressed in his finest ceremony navy uniform; he gently cliped on each side of his shelves twin American flag cuffs. with the initials TM&JM in gold. he stepped out of his bedroom when finished. The energy and noise downstairs gave him anxiety to be the first born son of a American war hero. their hero. To them they were there to pay respects to the man they believed saved his counrty. for Augustus it was an opportunity to make his mark on his fathers Generals and friends in government. In his heart he felt the need to influence these man to one day obey him. He had to start early his father use to drill into his head or pay the price later.

The remodeled upstairs hall was still compact with the added addition of five small bedrooms in the last eleven years. Augustus room door stood on the left side of the top floor staircase. These added rooms Sewed away much of the natural light from downstairs when all the bedroom doors were closed. The short hallway leading to the balcony was dark. Jane had a crystal Chandelier put in right above it. The light was turned on but at that moment the light seemed to dim almost fade than return to full power again. This gave Augustus an opportunity to peak quickly below to see how many members of the federal branches of government came to make sure his mother was truly dead.