Nobleman Lothar was the first Aryan king to wear the crown upon the Neapels Geat throne in over 365 years. Having won his Crown on the battle field he bought to a close the bloody civil war that saw three lessor houses fight for the Great throne to the ancient city; as a result, King Lothar put an end to the rule of the Niederer Abel aristocracy. the former ruling families of the ancient Sun Tribe; A supertus warrior race who worshiped the Sun. Coming to power, King Lothar over turned the laws of the Niederer Abel first policy, and enacted the Aryan First Law, placing the fair skin races that first inhabited the lands long ago back into power. Placing them above all races blacked by their birth for the first time in their long history.

Going feather the king enacted a class separation law which divid the old city into two; forbidding international marries form the kingdom; however, the world changing law did not apply to the sovereign, just shortly after seizing the great throne king Lothar married his former sovereigns widow and adopted her 3 year old child as his own daughter. Easing the fears of the great houses who sided with the Queen. Having made peace with all his enemies, he was granted the title Welt-Restaurator, and given the life long title and rank of High King. Lothar was the first of his most illustrious family in all of the North to seat upon throne, basking in the boom of his growing kingdom he enjoyed fourteen years of revolutionary peace. He over saw the refacing of his capital city into a true capital. Merchants, from every port in the unknown world, docked their goods upon the growing richess filling Neapels coffers. Indeed the Niederer Abel families of the court began to see the benefits of having a none royal as king, regardless of the loss of there Ancient rights. Which unforeseen by them slowly started to become a burned on their hold on power as time went on.

In the later part of his reign the aging king sired 3 children with the disgraced queen. During this time the highking Gave away and seized Niederer Abel estates and lands and gave them to his aryan friends. The strong relationships and bonds he had achieved started to quickly turn. For the Kings behavior turned tyrannical towards the Niederer Abel families. Draining them of their wealth. and when he could bully them no longer he looked to the Aryan nobles for money. After draining them of their wealth he looked to the masses for taxes. The poor give quickly the sums he required but when that ran out he began staging show trials to take unpopular nobles lands away. He held in his honor expiesve Balls throughout the year in his new palaces. Much in the way the old Niederer Abels nobles did. At the heart of the civil war was the idea of putting the Aryan races above their Niederer Abel masters in the land. But the new nobles quickly saw they had no more rights then there former masters.

The new Aryan nobility threatened war if things didn’t change. The High king having no standing army had to keep his nobles happy. So in 1799 He like the king before enacted an old tradition. King Lothar in the hope of keeping the peace invited his enemies and supporters to a grand royal ball. In doing so he sowed the seeds of his own downfall. For he set the stage up for a powerful woman to enter the scene. Her royal highness Princess Horthsene the last member of the disbanded house of Gossior. His future successor though he did not know it.

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