In the Beginning and high above, there

Soars amongst a Field of blue skies dotted with ivory clouds and sun-burst stars sang aloud a perennial Angel like no other found in high Paradise: He is the Morning Star: the second bright star in heaven.

All around this Immortal spirit Nurse within dense layers of butter-milk clouds beam newly born orbs of electromagnetic plasma and magnetized gas. At their state these orbs of living fire release violent solar rays of heat plasma and comsic gas. Painting a golden radiance over an ancient city built with wood and stone. And Just below the threshold of his personal domain.

The Morning star reaching this point inspects the progress of these Newly born lives as they dazzle like firefly’s dotting the halo of the almighty star. when fully matured these orbs of fire will journey for eternity across the ten dimensions: freezing worlds confined within unending night broadcast bewitching calls to draw them near. It is a holy song to Gods glory repeated and listened to throughout the cosmos since the natural world began.

Remembering the first time he heard it’s call; what pride he felt then. Yet now at the Apex of time he hid his displeasure and ignores the song and forgets the words. The Morning Star Dips further beneath their majestic solar flares; sweeping himself into the wipe lash heat wave a million miles across. escaping the wall of fire he is guided by his august jet black wings; pushing his weight high and higher; he hears the void sing a song to him. For the Morningstar enjoyed flattery.

“Second brightest star, O favored son! We worship you, we worship you, we worship you.”

“How lovely!” He sways and leaps around the stars polar axis. Basking in the approaching toxic solar breeze, and when the moment felt right he started a dance along a wall of blue flame. Grasping in his right hand he held out his fingers towards a string of cosmic dust and with his left hand he lead a field of colorful radiation to bend to his movements and appear to dance. The second brightest star, perfect in beauty, steers this russet fire bouquet on a long waltz. in this moment he joyfully sways around and around amongst the back drop of colossal suns; yet even with their combined light not one outshined his light standing before the almighty star, God.

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