“Who is the third who walks always beside you?

When I count, there are only you and I together but when I look ahead, up the white road

There is always another one walking beside you.”

-t.s Eliot

“The Waste Land”

The Year is 2048,

The days sun was bright and full of life before me. The clouds equally shined a bright white. it felt like the start of summer. yet autumn season was in full swing back home. my memory holds on to this morning so vividly because when I start my command and lead my men to war in the next three days the skies above the Atlantic will explode into a ball of fire. I’m on broad the USS Sovereign the flag ship representing the rebirth of a Fractured nation. I wonder what history would say a hundred years from now? Will they say we were the conquerors ? saviors or traitors? Will the man I follow lead us to a golden age of renewed liberal democracy or will it all come Collapsing down. I’d admit I don’t really know.

I first step into Augustus private quarter’s were he and his husband Daniel prepare. Augustus the son of an important Admiral in the U.S navy was in a good mood which felt contagious when around him. I should have known then but my mind was on war and winning. “Hail Augustus,”

“Hail my friend Charles Power. come were just trying on our robes.” they both stood side by side. His room reached the length of the carriers mess hall which is divided into many rooms and offices. At this time Augustus was seen around the world as the war lord of our time. He so far has never lost a battle or war. Diplomats from both political parties, senators government staff from both the branches of government, several state governors and the press lodged in these rooms. 

Augustus personal tailors fitted them with pale white curssis. I imagine the Roman era. I’m not surprised. he was always a student of western history. Augustus neatly places a leafly crown on his head and ties it with a red ribbon.

“is white the color of our victory or defeat Sir?

“I see you wearing your captians uniform. Such a shap blue.” Charles knew Augustus was extremely vain and knew he rewarded his teammates well. so i gave way. “Yes thanks to your soon to be Protector of the State. Nice title. if we can survive that is Sir.”

“I beat the combined Nations of the Earth Captain. Europe and Aisa belong to us… Mathew stands alone. We must end the conflict here.”

“More like Europe not Asia Sir. A Port city maybe in Singapore. Augustus, Keep your promise to the American people and I will hand you the grass crown my self.”

“I’m counting on it Captain. your Warship is waiting for you.”

So many mistakes I never once thought of killing this man back then. but knowing what I know now Could I have assassinated the most prominent world leader of my day? After i left Augustus quarter’s I prepared my self for the coming storm. I took out my pocket Consituation of the United States. The single most important historical document in political law. Greater than the bible. The here and now has always come first to a soldier. This book is the most perfect set of laws ever created by a collective people. So, when i see my enemy. I want to be reminded of what I am fighting for. Because when I Charge the my enemy i see what has been lost to this sorry generation. We are all of us Americans. when did we decided definitely?

Before I reach my war ship Augustus chased me down to shake my hand. “For the Constitution and the people of America Charles.”

“For the Constitution and the people of America. ” His fathers famous battle cry I was twenty when I saw him on the television for the first time.

For the constitution and the people of America.

Trstin was a bralltant warlord and statesman. Fantastic in command. On September 27, 2034. His father held a huge rally the biggest held in Washington in the last twenty years. Giving the keynote speech in the state of the union he preached our values, morals, and our love of freedom, and instead of ending with God bless America to unify this once Christian nation. He Intentionally ended with,”For the constitution and people of America.” the favorable crowd and the national media went wild. Some how that woke our sleeping nation. That day the system cracked. the hole nation woke to the reality of their day.

Augustus held his gaze directly into my eyes. He was a true friend. I’m not shamed to say I was captured by his steady presence. His honey eyes perist at the heart of my respect for him. we fought side by side on to many companies. In the desert, any hostile backwater streets in South Asia. whether we were out numbered or had the advantage. We reinstated American Authority in the middle east and Europe. our navy has never looked more inevitable againt our enemies. now were about to go against that navy. to fight our own brothers. But of course, Augustus never took the easy way I saw his Will to power. Our wars in the desert He ran at the heart of the enemy’s center. i believe the same will happen in this war. he committed to cutting down only those that posed a threat to him. The strategy was to find the enemies single most weak point and go after with lightning speed and domination. Air Force Commander Moses once told me when his forces captured The last of the world leaders he orderd them shot. When Augustus heard of this he stopped the order. Placing the enemy faction under his command. He sat as their judge. each of the two hundred statesmen and woman were sentenced separately. giving each a fair trial. After a few days of sentencing all two hundred of the leaders were set free to return to their countries. After receiving backlash from his troops warning rebellion; Augustus took them at their word and feared they would keep to that oath for justice even against him. He Called a briefing with each the commanders with the most influence. He allowed them to voice freely their concerns. They shouted might makes right. They are our enemy. Afterward, when the men could no longer smash their fists on the table. Augustus replied,”just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

I grew a ton of respect for him. I use to look up to my father as a benchmark for leadership and charisma yet I would not follow him in military operations. Augustus is a leader i can follow and with a culuating judgment i can believe in.

The ocean sky lit up like firecrackers. As we meet our enemy, the full force of the United state Army, land, air, sea and space. yet these are my own countrymen. Why are we fighting?

At the mouth of the sea leading all the way straight to his prize. I saw the great state of Florida, 1,000 ships ingaged 600 ships in what would be a three hour battle. Tremaus Shook awake the banks and shores of porugal, New York city, north and south African nations. any where with a costline. The fate and identity of a great nation made the world watch in horror.The amount of energy going off affects my hearing. I mainly let my instincts take over. the entire ship rocked as if the very sea attacked us. Nightmaress bangs, crashs, and booms hounded the ships hull. This titan of terror was make in America, the best, it will not fail me under the heavy presser of war. Our forces split the Presidents forces into two fronts with a 50 mile gap. weaking his right side which had fewer warships. Slashing Sheets of flames to blast their weak side. I swear I can only remember staring at balls of flame for 10 miles.

At The peak of the battle were our forces had the advantage. I fountunly have a moment to think on my first impressions of the man. The day I meet him was, and is the turning point of my life. We meet In the desert. I met the Ruler of the World in Somaliland.

The Year is 2047

A blizzard heat wave blew through the once bustling city of Bardera in the Horn of Africa the county of Somalia. This 120 degree sun causing a swirl of humidity Among the thundering troops of the U.S army Slowing their pace. Heavy armored marines secured the center of downtown, as well as the marketplace, back allys and hundreds of abandoned buildings. The city dirt roads were empty of trash or food and the roofs of each building along their path slient. As the main pontoons secure its abandon street markets. The cities inhabitants knew to flee into the desert or forest or stay indoors when American troops came into their town.

Traveling its outskirts in the same hours of the morning just as the Somalia sun took its place at the highest point in the sky. The new conquer of this lawless land, Commander Augustus Marshal surveys an abandon village with me when I held the rank of Commander. After capturing this prized u.s base. He and the world knew he had to make a decision. he knew his generals were the keys to victory. They are and still are the best strategist in the U.S army but we all knew back home they were all for military rule. And the people and me want a way back to liberty.

Augustus would often complimented me on having remarkable courage, leadership and friendship in my character. A defender of Liberal democracy. It’s was public knowledge his father the commander of the navy fleet Tristan had many friends and Allie’s in all three military branches; A core general staff. His son needed an allie a true trust of his own if he was going to conquer his homeland. I know that now at the time I didn’t. But he choice me. And I answered.

He entered first into a sand stone Somali Hut with four solid concrete walls and a high square ceiling while I cleared the backyard fenced with simple rope.

As the night settles in and the desert temperature drops. A light breeze slightly cools the Hut floor. Relaxed and confident in each others ability. We lowered our coshonany instincts. We loosened our heavy gear. placed our guns beside us. And we sat around a fire for fifteen minutes. With our backs close to the solid walls. Augustus broke the silence as the ashes in the fire spark and fuss on the wood.

“Tristan my father was assassinated on the order of the President of the United States.”

“What?” I will Admit I was not ready for his Honesty. And I thought about my reply, and what I should say to this man. He is nothing like I’ve seen before. He has the stuff of legends. And I was proud to know him. When I didn’t answer We conversed on the last few days, and when he felt he gave me enough time to think of a reply he come back around to it again. I reached for my pack opening my flask I took in a large amount water before stopping.

“Do you know who my mother was?” Augustus held his eyes on me, like a friend to another assuring me he was sincere.

“She destroyed our democracy. A Dictator. I’m not sorry she’s dead. You believe in her brand of democracy Augustus?”

“i believe in democracy. American Democracy.” Augustus quickly abandoned his bluntness and opited for a more passionate approach.

“For the Constitution and The People of America.”

“I believed in your fathers brand.”

“For the constitution! My fathers words his legacy to us to me. The ship he captained the USS Democracy you deployed from it?”

“The USS Democracy yes, its just off the coast in the north. And will deploy at your Command Fleet Admiral.”

“The crew were the finest anywhere back in my father’s Day. you couldn’t have been more safer. however, consider this, on an aircraft carrier you normally would have 5,000 sailors? would you give all 5,000 a vote on where the ship goes or doesn’t?”

I, thought about his question and I knew my reply, he was seting me up to agree for how can anything get anything done on a ship if every crew member had a vote. Deferent personalizes, beliefs, backgrounds.

“if you believe in American democracy why ask the question.” I finally said Something.

I never asked a question i said a statement.

“If the Captain was going to kill them all by leading them no where. Those 5,000 men have every right to fight for their lives. Or at least have a say. You want the opposite to be a fact but you are unsure your self? Does might make right? I don’t know. The world is fucked right now. Anything is possible. You wouldnt have asked me out here on a bullshit lie for freedom and justice. If you knew even for a second what my answer would be. You need me to help you return American democracy. Your brand anyway or your fathers. I’m a strict constitutionalist I believe in our founding fathers foundations. i wont accept dictatorship in any Form.”

“For the constitution and the people of America Commander Charles. you miss understand me. i dont want to be a dictator or king. i just want the restoration of our world. A new world a way back home. We all can remember but it’s been so long. It can almost be forgotten. I want to give back to the American people. Bring back the promised land. the shiny city on the hill. with you i can make all that possible. Commander Charles here lays the path forward. Soon the President and i will go to war. i do not want that but i know him. He would want a fight to seal things. I promise you a victory. One victory to show i mean business and theres a great deal of business to do. My fathers Generals are the key to that stability. Stand with me join their ranks and let us take back our country.”

“A promise made by every tryant in history how will you be different?” Charles rose to his feet kicking sand off the ground.

“I Will.” Augustus said to me.

His eyes captured my attention. He left no time between the end of my question and his assured answer to wash away all my doubt about him. And I believed him.

It’s nearly here, Victory. Our enemy has chosen a slow death. The U.S Armada assembled on the order of a remarkable man swarm between an ocean of junk of the once proud American Navy. The weaker half anyway. That’s how the history books will see it. History is written by the winners. Augustus is a winner.

Augustus often would told me after a battle and when I’m a good mood, “Good fortune has a powerful influence over all human affairs.” Before than He did not strike me as a godly man. But as an individual with a Will to power I’ve never seen before. He later tells me as we were preparing to leave Africa. He confessed to me he was superstitious and acknowledged the presence of an all controlling power in the Air. And that He was destined to conquer the unconquerable. .

I say all this to say this, hindsight is 2020. For when our adrama came within 10 kilometers of the sandy beaches devoid of any residents. Evacuated days before the clash of our forces. My second, informs me he detects an in coming nuclear warhead. Our ship may survive the blast. But the radiation will kill us all.

The minutes waiting on the seconds to past into hours and than days which became the thoughts concerning my entire life. Grabbed form the jaws of victory, his victory snatched by immortality. Laughing at another Plebeian wanting glory.

Yet good fortune favors his eyes to view and make the future. For it was by miracle Augustus still rules to this day,

I felt the fire. I inhaled the smoke and dust, and I closed my eyes before the flame took me. In a miracle Augustus Marshal son of a dead military dictatorship conquered the unconquerable.

Readying my sailors, to size the ports for my friend. I gather them up. Repeating my orders to return fire. Reminding them of their oaths to the Constitution and the people of America. They are a fine crew. I couldn’t ask for better in a time of war. They are true Americans. They made me proud and smoothly directed the fleet to port. In a few hours we secure the entire mainland of North America. Everything remained as it was as if three nuclearbombs didn’t hit. Vaporizered the entire coastline. Four million people. But none of that happened. What did happen? There was little time for me to consider. My country has lost its founding principles and five years later gained old ones.