The American Emperors Power

During those days as the depression years with Augustus in power seemed to last forever, Kelab and his mother saw the hardships of their fellow citizens. Famine, shortages of basic services that made the modern world what it was, collapsed. And as He grew up in this environment he saw the cost of his families civil war with the government. The break down of civilization that followed and what replaced them all. Men staved in their homes afraid of the danger just outside their door and whole families are suddenly wiped out for speaking up against their troubles. Entire communities disappear overnight taken away in black vans. And a biblical cult worship of his half brother the first American emperor as a divine God in the flesh permeated through out the world. It could be said by anyone ‘These were the end of days.’ And the listener would agree. For all around the world in each nation and continent death could mark their door and if they stepped out and walk down the street to greet a neighbor or friend. It would be there last. For the motto of the day in all languages gave meaning to their contempt. ‘Tomorrow is promised to no one but the Emperor and his army’ this became the social release to each citizen as they past each other on a crowed street, so in the face of the end of civilization as they, the human race, made the best of their lives. Said their prayers to the divine emperor for good fortune each morning and night. Tuck their children into bed with a hail to the divine emperor. And each Sunday attended church and heard the miracle stories about their survivors second coming. The year is 2055 and This is the last age of the modern era at the middle mark of the 21 century.

This new era is later known as the End of Days. A period lasting 8 years.