After four years with an army, Augustus Marshal made himself the dominant power whose extent and acquisition of technology stand unequaled before or since. In 2048 he had only to reemerge untouched out of the colossal mushroom clouds to be acknowledged master of his homeland which inspired the Latin comparison to the Pax Romina. He had become many thousand times more influential than the household warlords any living in the last 3 centuries could remember; warmongers like Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, or even Adolf Hitler and lastly his own father Tristan Marshal stand behind his long sweeping shadow. He began as a unofficial prince and confirmed himself as his fathers heir to the Military elites by the age of nineteen. In search of true leadership they showered him with authority and with titles; Lord of the Air and Commander of the seas by conquest of Europe and South Asia. But he had no intention of stopping. Four years, earlier, he had asked a white raven the first time he died which God should he have faith in when he won the entire earth. The world he believed belonged to him and his Heirs. Impressively, he aimed to conquer everything until generations long after he was gone honored him as the First Ruler of the World. The White Raven, he thought, was on his side. The bird had told him how it wished to be honored when he reached his destiny. When Augustus asked if the pale raven was truly God, he was all of nineteen years old.

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