Who was this Famke Marshal who held onto the flames fueling Augustus magnetic star? Fresh and familiar within the palm of her hands she saw revelation. Revealing within her a shared desire. To one day inherit the earth.

In her fast pursuit to match her brothers colossal dream with hers. She found her wishing star. Disguised as a white raven. Perched upon a withered bush. Surrounded by fresh pillow snow. It called out in a loud cry. “Kraa, kraa!” Opening a remote world. A place vastly different to her own. A strange number of people such as she had never seen before flock towards her. Some hairy, others dirty with dreadful smells. The image of her father resting in his coffin resemble their gray faces. They endlessly praise her name in a sea wave of cheers and hails.


Flowing back and forth they suddenly grab at her clothing. Rip at her hair, reach for her eyes, pull at her legs, whisping in hungry noises.

“Dont talk to it.”

“Stop, Famke.”

“You have a choice!”

“You may never come back Famke.”

Impetuous to their crys. This little girl showed remarkable courage stepping forward to embrace the pale raven. The forsaken crowd long behind her, vengeful and scared now began to riot away. Breaking into dust along her preceded path. Melting the surrounding pocks of snow to reveal the barren earth.

Finally, frightful screams echoed all around her. Sealing her eyelids shut in darkness. She could see no more. This would be the only vision shown to her. A soft smile relaxed her rosy cheeks. She gently caressed the birds pale beak with her index finger four times. whispering, “There, there, handsome bird.” With another soft whisper in its ear she gave her answer. “Might makes Right.”

Her answer now given the winter snow bird simply flew away. . .

Cat and Mose

Famke, was fourteen years old, she suddenly woke in her room in pitch blackness but she was not afraid of the dark.

When she fully opened her stressed eyes after a nap she could see nothing but the ceiling fan. She knew where she was. She lay flat on her queen size bed. But that’s not what worried her. Over night she completed her entire middle school assignments in advance before the start of the school year. Yet betting out every other student in her class was still not what worried her. Rising from her bed she purposely triggers a quarrel with her younger brother Kelab.

Five years apart they were the complete opposites of each other. Kaleb shy and quite he loved playing with his toy elephant. A last gift from his father. He became so excited with its realism the boy had little time for school friends or any other activity since. By contrast Famke had a wild spirit; outgoing, a quick learner of information and enjoyed a large circle of friends. She and her parents quarreled often. Never the push over she filled her days mastering and moving on from one hobby to the next, painting, marble scupting, Western and eastern literature, letter writing, classical and modern composing, singing, and the many art forms of dancing. The ballet became her chosen art to express her every mood. Leading us to the sibling’s quarrel today. Famke out of the habit of taking what she wanted and in a terrible mood regardless of her accomplishments. Swiftly practiced her ledges and arabesques steps along a wooden hallway to her brother’s room. Bothering Kaleb’s game of safari with his elephant. With a sweeping kick of her right leg she topples over his wooden elephant and upon seeing her brother wearing their father’s Navy hat. she then quickly snatched it off his head.

Famke saw everything Kaleb owned belonging to her. She was the first born and was entitled to everything first. Including her father’s belongings. This quarrel may have been forgiven any other day but today was a national holiday. emotions ran high. A day Famke hated. The day their father died.

“Mom said I can wear father’s hat today.” Kaleb complained as best he could to gain sympathy out of his older sister. however, she had none. “I’m the oldest stupid. Augustus will be there, and he does not want to see you wear it. it’s an important day and not for little babies.” confidant with her argument she continues with her dance steps. Yet Kaleb was not finished and in a desperate move he swipes his little fingers at the hat nearly taking it from her grasp. “Kaleb! its mine” she commanded. “he’s my brother too.” Kaleb said and ran down the flight of stairs leading to the living room. ignoring his cries Famke placed the hat on her head. Then returning to her own room she carefully brushes her hair back behind her ears so the cap rested nicely on her head. It fit perfectly.

“Famke!” a loud voice carries throughout the house and into Famke’s ears. She quickly rolled her eyes at the sound and turned to face a mirror. “FAMKE!” the voiced shouted again.

“What?” She said back.

Kaleb re-emerged to take the hat from her. His left hand stretched out and his fingers snapped warning her to hand it over Before their mother stormed up the flight of steps. Famke shot a glare of hate at her brother as she bullied her way over to his room and threw the hat at him.

Their mother now quickly stormed into kalebs room. Famke walked to leave but Hallie immediately catches her arm. “Why can’t you behave. Your father gave this cap to Kaleb. Give it to him Famke.”

“I don’t want to go any more.”

“Well, you’re not staying here. We need to get as far away from here after the parade. Our plane leaves at 8:12 pm tonight to china.

“China! I do not want to go to China. What about Augustus? Can’t he protect us? Doesn’t he control the Army?”

“HE controls the Army? Silly girl. Enough, Gen. Armstrong controls the Army he won the war. Augustus is only nineteen. We have to get out of here before they eat each other for power.”

“MY BROTHER won the war. He’s the real hero. Not some old zombie passed his prime!”

Hallie losing control of her emotions strikes Famke’s arm and pushes her to the corner of her bed. “Go to your room until I can get your clothes ready. you are not to leave your room. Come Kaleb let us find something to match that hat.”

“I don’t want to be here. I want to wait in dads study. its warmer in there.”

The two saw the hurt in each other’s eyes and Hallie heart softens.

“Fine. wait there while I get your brother ready.”

The two watch her leave without Kaleb as she paces herself to not run down final flight of stairs. In this moment, the siblings listened carefully as their mother fell out of sight. they knew Hallie was not going to prepare any of their clothing. She had a troop of maids at her disposal. And she used them all to help her do the most basic parental chores like watching her own children. Or having any motherly connection beyond discipline. She would only intervene when their great father was brought up in an argument between them.

Now hearing her fly down the rest of the staircase, they quietly listen as they hear the clinging of glass and the pouring of a heavy liquid. Kaleb did not know what it was, but they knew each time their mother was stressed she swiftly went for the wooden cabinet.

The nameless maid Famke never bothered to learn collects the fine hat off the floor and hurry’s into Kaleb walk-in closet after receiving instructions from the mother to find Kaleb a matching out fit to go with his father’s navy cap. yet not before Famke leaves she shoves him to the hard wooden floor. “Move!” she screamed. the maid took one good look at Famke as she picked Kaleb up. she wanted to give her a good slapping if she was her daughter. Famke knowing this and not at all impressed with the maid’s disapproval. “Move.” As always, she got the last word.

Alone in her room she instantly became unhinged. Tossing her clothing out from her walk in closets.

“Nothing to wear.” As her rage reached its zenth her excessive crying pushed her to get revenge. Her mind began to focus and tame her outward cries. while she thought of ways to steal her father’s hat back. it was no longer her goal to own her father’s hat for reminders sake. it was more Famke’s wish to deprive her brother of anything belonging to their father. She’d pay any price to rise above him in importance in her older brothers eyes. therefore, they would both have nothing to inherit.

Before the start of the procession and before their personal Armed escort arrived Famke entered her father’s old study. weekly kept clean and dusted by the household staff; navigation books, navy history, political philosophy wigged and filled into three high wall ceiling shelfs. Laps, vintage armchairs with a curved oak desk at the center facing the only window made for an impressive massive study. Peaking Famke’s curiosity. She thought this room was for old people, yet she felt this room now had a pull of wonder and excitement. All the original papers of her father’s work remained untouched for four years. Famke realizing this would be her first time back since her father’s lawyer read the Will. So she was determined to find anything she could hold on to– to be noticed by her victorious warrior brother.

Hallie never bothered packing away any of Tristens private belongs into the state archives. She had no such interest in her spouse’s office. her days were booked with wine tasting galleries, Six trips a year to Morocco and Singapore, china. the wife of the American war hero de-facto dictator of America. enjoyed the life of a single woman. while her daughter dreamed of escaping her circumstance.

Famke took her chance to pick anything she wanted as her father left it four years ago.

Famke overturned her father’s study hoping to spot another navy hat or some sort of family heirloom or clothing she could show off to the crowds she was Tristan’s daughter and the sister to the conquering hero. After minutes of searching she found none.

Fumbling through the papers on his desk. Famke caught the words “Might Equals Right?” no other words followed. The page was empty except for the words might equals right? is it a question? but what did it mean to her father? With a simple tap on her fathers door a servant informs her that the families security escort would arrive in a moment. She had no time to research its meaning. Leaving Tristan’s study, she folded the paper and placed it in her dress pocket.

The Conqueror Returns Home

The historical procession unfolding five miles away engulfed the capital city of Washington D.c. As two million Americans choked the Pennsylvania avenue air awaiting the main event. In Tristan’s official Will he requested for the people to celebrate the battles won that preserved the Union. And out of his own funds guaranteed the people 5 years payed rents for each citizen in America. So, the man voted into office just 4 years ago The United states President, Matthew Marshall abides by his wishes and creates a single day ceremony. Named the Day of the Procession in honor of the country’s hero Tristan Marshal and to mark the start of free rent. All round the United states in the areas still part of the union. They gathered to the See him. like a religious pilgrimage. And before a 20 foot statue of Tristan Marshal they bowed and left flowers of all kinds. Whether pulled form a nerighers garden or a government building the American people left what they could to show there gratefulness.

As the years slowly went on the event became a show of presidential power. And for two years the U.S president used Tristan’s motorcade as a symbol of that authority in a time were live television broadcasting to a wide audience beyond the town or city the president happens to be in became increasingly difficult. The civil wars have left Americas mighty industry ravaged and exhausted. Making this Day of the Procession all to important. For another war hero has returned home in triumph and by miracles promising peace in our time. it was in this atmosphere of heartbreak, feelings of uncertainty, sudden change, and confusion. The victor of the civil wars replaced the president as head of the parade and the state. He announced after traveling 150 days around the courty his official entrance into the capital city. It was not lost on anyone he was making a power statement on his father’s own holiday. A turning point in American history. But for Famke today she only remembered her father’s Will. Not the generous gifts to the public nor the security won. No it was the Will she remembered.

The testamentary will, the all-important document to decide a family’s future and by extension a nation Famke Marshal remembered. The favorable passages on her older and younger brother haunted her nightmares. The anger and disappointment sat with her for four years. On her way to school. And when she bumped into her brother Kaleb at home did it turn to resentment and rage.

“Did father not love me?”

“Of course he did little mis.” A guard answered.

“I wasn’t speaking to you. Now How much longer until we reach the parade?”

“Where here, but we must park some distance away. The city is flooded with people.”

The First American Triumph

A chaotic feeling hovered loose in the air around the event. It was a truly fluid moment in history. In columns of ten, soldiers marched on Pennsylvania Avenue like bleck eye manikins with little personality. Money and status were on their collective minds; A great cluster of people cheer them on and toss yellow Rose’s at their feet. Many Americans were happy the wars were over despite the collective knowledge society will never be the same.

Four even rows stretching four city blocks paraded the best M1A2 tanks during the Governors war and the Third World War. They trample the contract road creating a new tension among the people; feeling the moment as a collective race. The American people under this ages generation felt like the conquered. Roman style horsemen blow on brass trumpets. They give way to four columns of marines dressed in what the ancient Romans used. A three type body armor; a hooped arrangement classifiesd lorica segmentata. With a fighting force of ten thousand men and women Stretched every five miles.

The Marshal family for two decades played a balancing role within the federal government to offset popular personalities away from true power. At first they remained quite in the background. Working through third partys and lobbyists. Than as their prominence in the United States Navy rose. They began taking more public roles in the spotlight. Jane Marshal assuming the office of the Vice President on June 9th 2036 marked the height of their families dominance over American politics. Hallie, not a Marshal but a woman destined for wealth and status. Took a different out look on her life four years later after 12 years of marriage to Tristan. In a public display on her stance against dictatorship she repudiated their place of honor at the White House. For during those days emotions ran high and unpredictable. Hallie decides her family should watch for the first time from the back of the crowds. Nothing more than spectators. As thousands make their way to see where the country was headed. What path lay before them now that the civil war ended in a miracle she wondered. Would their unknown fate have an astonished ending? this conundrum was on Famkes mind, and she elbowed and shoved her way to get a better view.

Hallie was keen on separating herself from showing support to Augustus or the United States President and she made sure they did not draw to much attention on their way there they all even the security guards wore plane clothes.

20 years of civil war shattered the nation into violent factions; the rich against the poor; the poor against the middle class; the elites against the world. Political betrayal and mob riots became the political bragging chips of the day. Some wanted away back to liberal democracy yet others took oaths to raise a absolute autocratic. This swelling of different people concentrated in one place could turn on her family if recognized or turn on Augustus alone and Tear him apart. So, she held Kaleb back. Calling out to Famke at the last moment to come back. Famke made a real gain in the crowd. however, Hallie would have none of it forcing her all the way back to where she started. As Famke gave in a huge electric current seamlessly captures the crowd a few hundred feet away. it was a feeling slowly shared by everyone. A collective understanding. A massive jolt of energy sways the cheers of the masses to rise high as if they communally knew or understood who was approaching.

“He’s here!” Famke shouted.

Hallie and Kaleb were drawn towards the excitement while Famke saw an opportunity. Seeing her chance to meet her brother in front of everyone. She snatched her father’s cap off Kaleb’s head and raced into the crowd by crawling underneath them. before Kaleb could grab his mother’s attention Famke was far out of reach. Hallie did her best to go after her but with the chaotic and shifting nature of what was taking place Hallie found herself lost.

The collective clamor to see him grew even louder, like the contagious hype roars of loyal fans drowning out an Chinese Olympic stadium. Season veterans’ wave American flags as the rhythm of the goose-stepping soldiers’ boots come into view before Famke. she made it to the front without being trampled. she looked around her the packed streets filled her view with hazy colors and fire work smoke. yet her brother was nearly 500 feet away. There were no barriers or gates holding the colossal crowds back. Only a few soldiers Interlocked or there were none at all. So spread out they were breakable gaps beginning to forum every ten people.

Tumultuous and with a security force over extended. The event looked to unfold naturally and organically. America and the world could only watch and see the next act as if Augustus were putting on a play. With only the human eye to witness.

The dust kicked up as Famke picked herself off the ground and she took a few minutes to watch the parade.

First came the drummers, black youths dressed in brown leather armor, marching with bass drums, next the trumpeters, tall man branding their golden trumpets; and behind these the new security force and intelligence to replace the secret service, the United States Praetorian guard. Their ancient roman uniforms sent the celebration back in time. Making many uneasy with the themes and tones of the ancient Roman Empire.

By Linking them and the American culture, government, and the last 100 years of foreign policy to roman history sent a fire chain of anger and discomfort. The fever pitch of the joyful crowds began to turn. Sways of people began to throw whatever they could at the soldiers. they took up large and small rocks, cans or spoiled food. Drunken fighting began to break out; the Arguing centered around the new society unfolding and the great abandoning of the founding fathers; how could this generation live with themselves? But the soldiers continued to march forward. So the crowds began to quite down and police themselves. Famke finally spotted him as the last Praetorian scorpion banders passed.

She saw a large gap growing between Augustus party and his guards. She had to be quick or risk missing her brother by a few seconds. Or be trampled by his marching horses. Excited she leaps, tumbles out of the crowds fumbling in front of Augustus party.

His horse herculean hooves brace the ground casting a shadow over her. Catching Augustus off guard. The crowds continued to cheer and call out his name before he realized he was meeting family. he pulled the reins of his horse back. He rises his hand over his eyes while a handsome man rode just behind him stopping “why have we stopped my love.” In a calculating effort. They wore matching tunics with Crimson capes. With dashing smiles. They lean over to see her. They were both curious who tripped in front of them risking their lives to see them. “Careful little girl our horses nearly crushed you.”

Famke took off her father’s cap amongst the hysteria of the crowds and gave it to Augustus. Recognizing his father’s cap, he gave another good look at the girl and favorably recognized her. “My dear sister what are you doing out here all by yourself?”

“I’m not alone. My big brother is here with me.”

Taking advantage of the static pause of the deafening crowds Hallie found her opening. Finally catching up with her eldest daughter. She Interrupts Augustus attempt to take Famke by the hand and lift her up to his horse.

“Stepmother how good of you to attend Father’s Day. I would have thought you would be in china by now.” Augustus wit not at all subtle grins.

Hallie takes Famke to stand by her and placed her hands on her shoulders. “Welcome back Augustus. I’m sure your father would be proud. You did it. You did what your father couldn’t do. you finally destroyed your country.”

Augustus turned his eyes away from Hallie. Clearly ignoring her Infront of everyone. But as to not cause a public friction between them for his enemies to use. He gave a regel theriacal gesture with his hands in a wide motion towards the crowds. To highlight their ear-piercing screams as the source of the problem.

Hallie smiles and gestures to Famke with her hand to lead her back to the direction of the car. Hallie had seen enough. But was hoping to avoid seeing her stepson before she caught her flight out of the United States.

Augustus grinned and kissed his lover Daniel before he hailed them off. He kicked his horse to move forward restarting the parade.

The real problem and the subtle jab Hallie threw at him centered around Augustus ambitions to wear a real crown. Which he ever told anyone or made public knowledge until now. And she knew his great father would not approve. His father believed in the constitution. And Augustus knew it.

For now, the parade continues, and the Marshal family slit up once again. Hallie wastes no time returning to her hired soldiers where she left Kaleb waiting with his cousin Jessica and her son Adam the younger. She hurried her kids into the car. She did not even give Kaleb time to buckle his seatbelt before she sped off. Jessica blends through the crowds. She felt no fear.

Handing their fathers hat to her brother publicly was a Testament to her cleverness in front of the world. She knew what she wanted. A place closer to Augustus. The idea occupied her thoughts as soon as she was pulled away by her mother. The America her brother was creating seemed to focus Famke’s determination and temper. Into what only Famke had the dreams to imagine.

As she enters the car Famke uncharacteristically said nothing. But her gentle demeanor towards her brother in the car was noticed. Seeing her sing along with their mother while an old CD played was a good sign to Kaleb, he could be himself. The whole ride Kaleb talks freely and made jokes with his mother without being called any names or hit in the shoulder if he spoke over his sister. She gave way and apologized if she cut him off. And answered each of her mother’s questions with a yes mommy instead of ignoring her or Calling her by her first name. As if she were punishing Hallie for some forgotten slate or argument she lost. For the time being Kaleb, and their mother enjoyed the ride to the Washington Dulles International Airport with her. And so, did she.

“Where almost there kids”

If the ride to the airport was any indication to Hallie things were going to positively change for the Marshal family for now on. Then the subsequent events that followed would warn her this moot family was on the break of splitting apart.

Exiting the highway rap, she made her first stop at the airports parking garage. Unpacking their rollers, the three make their way to the terminal station to check into their flight.

They patiently wait in the ticket line. This would be there first time in couch. Hallie dares not risk using her own planes now that they legally belong to Augustus. then she will be trapped by what she calls “A bastard boy.” She will flee to her estates in Hong Kong. She would do anything to avoid the political climate now that her family was back in the spotlight. She certainly did not want that for her children. She felt a sense of motherly obligation once she saw the same egotistical ambition in Augustus as his father had. She knew better than anyone what heights her husband’s goals were. Now his son seems to be going the direction of military dictatorship or worse crown himself a King. Her stepson is far too young to command men like General Robert A. Armstrong for long. could he? Her personal feelings now controlled her judgement and her next move. Yet her personal feelings now controled her thoughts she would bit on her family to win. But still weighs the Generals influence. for his part he was university known as a decorated war hero on pair with her husbands military mind. If statin wasn’t the lord of the sea then he this man in his prime of his career was the lord of the land.

This was all going to end in disaster. She would have to leave the country before they tare themselves apart.

The Rite of Spring – Chapter 3

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