On the second day as the afternoon sun began its fall over the horizon Augustus walked to his 2037 green Viper. Today he will see and witness a sign of his coming future. This will be the last time he will leave and enter his high school parking lot.

Below a clear blue sky he felt a shadow cross over him. There below the clouds he saw the white Raven. In this moment he understood this bird was following him. He quickly called out to the bird now perched upon a streetlamp long past rusted.

“What do you want from me?” He said to the bird hoping he would get a reply. The white Raven watches him as if about to speak and tell him all he wanted to hear. To prophesies he will not die. He could not be ordinary not the eldest son of a military dictator. but he had a destiny of his own. To dominant the unconquerable nation. But the bird simply hurried away. Reaching higher and higher into the sky until it disappears all together into the clouds.

Augustus opened his heart into accepting anything was possible. But, on the third day he sat in his bed with a terrible feeling as if his chest was on fire. His skin flared up as he rubbed his chest to find relief. He exhales many breaths to relax his nerves. He came to admit to himself perhaps his life would be forgotten. The thought caused his body to ache as if he was experiencing a bad case of the chills; the forgotten son of a Military Dictator with no future or glory of his own. A curious fear to have at age sixteen with his whole life seemly still ahead of him. His father never missed a moment to tell him a man’s destiny was already written for him in the stars. He need only reach out and take it; seize his moment: but with no way of collecting his inheritance or support from his fathers generals he could hope only to escape aboard to avoid Assassination. Was this to be his destiny a life filled with fear about escaping death? Did the universe only have this planned? his chance to leave a mark on American history as he called it seemed to be slipping away. The stress of losing his parents meant death was his fate. The dark omen of the white raven let his mind wonder off to believing the God of death set its hollow eyes on him. He was on the losing side and the thought increased his anxiety.

“What’s going to happen to me?”

If God or Angels were real a white raven hailed the beginning of the end for him and the world. That mush he could be sure. He knew the folklore; he read them in his father’s study: Greek and roman mythology books, they spelled bad luck for him, in Greek folklore ravens delivered divine messages or death to anyone caught staring at them through a window. They hail the beginning of the end of the world in Indian tradition; what will happen to his father’s universal dream to conquer the unconquerable? His father’s calling would never see the light of day if he dies.

Indeed, on the fifth day of this bird’s appearance to him. He saw his harbinger of doom now where he practiced soccer. His favorite park near his high school would not shield him. Often when his parents were away, he would come here to this public park to practice his forum in front of his classmates and the ordinary citizen going about their day. He would pray silently for his father to come see him shine in his discipline. His father never once came.

Then as the moment came for the white raven to appear to him. And as the moment came for Augustus to feel this anticipation. The white raven emerges out of the sun like a small flicker of flame before him. The white ravens’ magmatic presents quiets the earth around them. In their brief time together, the physical world stood stuck in a moment. The children playing, mothers strolling their kids through the park grounds, bike riders on their daily routine, classmates enjoying the sunny afternoon weather all were stuck in a moment in time as the white raven gazed at Augustus. But again, the white bird soared once more in silence and again leaving Augustus in awe.

What did the raven need? No street he crossed the next day after school would give the boy relief from the sinking valley squeezing the air right out of his chest. Yet, on the following day he saw the white raven flying from one end of the street corner to the other. It’s behavior had changed. It Lands carefully on power lines like a watcher; sometimes circling over his head eight times Like a desert vulture waiting for dinner to give up and die. What did it all mean? When was the world coming to an end the boy wondered. Feeling he was above believing in superstition or believing in miracles or supranational phenomena’s he had never seen a bird do this. He questioned all that he knew about the world.

Normal black ravens but the pale ones are said to be smart and Clever. This unusual bird didn’t match his kinds behavior. It displayed an almost supernatural quality. It gazed at him fully aware of Augustus world. The common concern of the average raven showed no interest to it. Augustus also knew common ravens flew in pairs. Unlike crows, ravens flew with a single partner. Should this white raven also have a mate? Would it even matter. That night he fell asleep in a pool of worry about his next move to survive a world with out his parents.

The next two morning’s were windy. Yet to his relief Augustus awoke to no endless tapping at his bedroom window. nor the glare of the white birds’ scarlet eyes upon him as he practiced soccer. He walked again with confidence in his fate. the bird may have never been real. His friend when hearing Augustus was plagued by worry and for the past eight days a white bird followed him. Dylan Brown assured him it was all in his head and the stress of losing his parents has reached it tipping point. So he Suggested they play a few matches to get his mind off things. Augustus agreed and in 2 hours they challenged each for bragging rights on who was the real MVP. After awhile Augustus mind calms and centers.

“Best 2 out of 3.”

He felt his path was his own once again. For at least a day he stopped believing in myths and nonsense. eight long days have passed before he felt comfortable seeing his parent’s state funeral and to publicly say goodbyes.

“I will not fear death. I will join the army and conquer the unconquerable nation.” He Whispered this oath before he let go a bed of white flowers on their confines.

He shut his eyes the image of his father came to him. Infallible, in his white Admiral uniform; his collar and shoulder insignia branding 6 stars; glistens over the cornea sphere of his eyes and conscience,

“You’re my Hero. I swear I will find a way,” He said opening his eyes.

Unknown to the boy a few unmarked cars wheels spin to a stop just a mile from his parents head stones. Tall men in black Uniforms exit the vehicle in a slow but determined pace. Five in all these men are the Secret Service. But In name only once the reality of their day was understood the organization that once protected the United States President now service their own political agenda to the highest benefactor. During those days the Louisiana governor became the central power in government. It would be only natural by extension his family members would Inherit his influence and enemies. A men emerges from the back ground he tall (introduce The President of the United States)

Fresh beds of bushes of autumn leaves wash the surrounding street. Sweeping the leaves to Jolt, swirl, and toss about Augustus . Seizing him in a field of deja vu. Attendees in the thousands waiting just outside the grounds went about their daily lives as the many military officers, high Government officials, the United States President and other dignitaries left. 

There Augustus still stood. Praying to find to his courage. In this moment he did not want to see his harbinger of doom and yet he saw the bird alone perched upon a tree with the sun vibrant above.

The bird gazed in his direction. Arched its neck and gave out a loud rattle, calling cry, hushing the wind around Him. With piercing inflamed eyes, it spoke,

“Morning Star!”

The boy froze and immediately took a few steps back. Astonished he wanted to run but where? the bird will find him again. Could it? The sound of that creature speaking broke Augustus nerve. Was that his voice? Yet he did not choose to dash down the dirt Road. He stood before the Raven and remembered his father’s voice,

“For the Constitution and the People of America. The idea of America!”

An intense wave of euphoric cheering began calling his name. Alongside this thundering hail the bashing and shifting sound of water splashing against a vessel’s hull made him see.

“The ocean?”

It’s energetic gusting current lifted his arm hairs. He began to taste salt on his lips.

A blasting cheer roared all around the belly of his ear drums.

Three cheers for the American CAESAR! a woman shouted and another woman flung herself to him and hailed. “Hail the new Caesar! Hail Caesar!

The enormous echo reached into the core of what Augustus believed to be his inner soul.


“Hail CAESAR.” A man beaming with greatness surrounded by two winged angels step forward

Augustus felt a pressure to close his eyes were the of a vast crowd gathered around a legion of four winged angels, “I can almost touch their hands; their raised high; they’re all so divine. The cheering, the love, hailing my name. its so wonderful.!”


The Foria of the moment nearly soften Augustus sharp cautionary senses.  ”Why are you showing me this?” He now spoke directlyto the white raven. His golden-brown eyes capture the ravens glare. Augustus was no fool to rush in no matter how great the fancy. 

Another loud rattle came out from the bird.

“My Triumphant, what is good? All that gives the soul pride in the individual, the Will to Power; God-hood it self. What is bad? All that is and was. What is happiness? The return to ones home, that death is overcome.”

After a moment Augustus asks, “Are you God?” The white raven simply stared curiously at the boy, then politely, flew away; blending with the clouds.

“Morning star is that your name? Tell me?” He shouted.

Plucked off the white ravens wing a black feather falls before Augustus feet; he held it gently in his hands.

“A black feather? Augustus stood confused but felt more at peace as he touched it. It gave him comfort. He felt he knew what to do next.

“Hasten slowly. I will see you again.” Augustus whispers as if to keep his words private and yet there was no one around him to hear.

In my time this boy is hailed as the Ruler of the World. A god in the flesh. He needed more living space for his Master race. Now their are so few of us left to fight him. the best I can do is leave a written warning through the slow pace of time. This is a written account of his origin story in the hope future generations will learn again the lessons of history. And perhaps finally learn. He was once my family. The best of us. The conquer of the unconquerable. Yet my advisor dates the start of his reign as the end of days.

Hindsight is a funny thing. It can trick you into thinking you know better. You can see the mistakes clearly. You can say there there’s the moment it all changed! And feel in a position to make the right choice if you were in the losing parties position. Yet What would you really do in the face of total annihilation.

My name is Adam the younger. I was crowned a prince at a young age and I belong to the Marshal family Americas first imperial family. The four Principal members of this military family is the cooler full character fleet Admiral Tristan a brilliant naval tactician and his great ability to manage people. Second the United state Secretary of State Jane. They ruled over American politics for 16 years and were the Victors of America’s second civil war with its self. The second important member is the first American Emperor Augustus Marshal. He dominated the third Civil War and defeated the world powers in World War III but lost world war four and yet his legacy of a reorganized American government into a monarchy lived on with his successors. Mark this turning point they are all long dead now. But this military families victory over this once stable union repeats the unfortunate predictable natural desire to destroy ones self. It always begins from within and ends with blood. Yet I return to my history of this controversial man.

He returns home Feeling better about his chances and he knew he had one card to play. He had to use it at the right time with the right person. A friend who shared his father’s political doctrine of a first among equals. Many in the country are ready. Yet there’s a clear divide on how much visible power this man should have and will it be the right man. To many unknowns Bread the perfect atmosphere for total war to settle the matter. To many would be Caesars. All this and more were on the boys mind as he took a chance on meeting his fathers Air Force commander Robert Moses. He would need to ask for safe skies while he escaped to Africa to rise an army. The only worry Augustus had was the price he would have to pay. The government could freeze his assets or brand him a traitor plotting to overthrow the government. He would be cut off from paying off his commanders if his charisma had no effect on his fathers men. To his fortune, Luck would remain on his side to the very end. The Air Force Commander surprised the boy had any interest in politics.. So, Mose a man looking for advancement Arranges a transport plane to the horn of Africa we’re the American fifth fleet we’re stationed. 65,000 troops with out a purpose and a vision of the Future. But loyal men to the would be princes father.

Buying his passage with air support his fathers money and influential name paid off. he would not use his family name for another year. Soon Augustus made contact with the commander of a small attack division Patrolling the coast of Somalia; for all the U.S power Pirates and gangs out numbered the forces stationed at the capital base. Living a small continuous conflict. Looking inwards America abandons Somalia in the year 2037.

Bringing us to just before Augustus could make contact with his fathers army the boy was captured. And held for ransom; 10 million US dollars had to be paid or he would never see his home again.

The Star at the End of Time- chapter 2

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