Pitch night feathers shine bright against the almighty moon light.

The Beast was found with in you. Until the day of judgement release you.

Power lay masked behind Perfect Beauty, come rise beyond intend duty.

The Morningstar, raised up songs to please you.

“Are you with him?”

A wish and a earthly crown leads you; be warn the soul begs you, he needs you.

Prideful Son of Dawn. Not even the Most-High can treat you.

“We are with you.”

The Promise

A faint Somali breeze; a blaze of heat and a silent landscape surround a isolated stone hut with the smell of death lingering just outside its curved door. inside set a sense of conclusionand anticipation. For moments ago a struggle of wills took place; what remained of its aftermath left an exiled prince and two unknown assassin’s butchered upon the sand stone floor; yet remarkably only one still lay conscious still with breath to draw.

His legs twitch with the motions of a wounded animal caught in a hunters trap. But by no means was this a result of his Will to move or rush to escape but simply the Bodily nerves shutting down; his hole body lay destroyed. With his hunters now dead beside him. This young man now by his will fought his own contracting muscles form shutting down on him. Easing his mind to never except his fate he Kept his eyes wide open and alert. As he braces his upper body with his elbows and began to lift his head; the full weight of his center chest held him back down. He coached himself to stay awake residing his philosophy. Yet his jaw tired, his lips direned of moister, his throat clogged with blood: perverting his thoughts form leaving as words. A heavy gloss of moisture in his eyes burn away under the Somalia heat. Yet this U.S soldier in moments of great stress returned to his personal philosophy. He believed in a personal divine will; a man may over come any obstacle if only they had the unshakable will. This Soldier saw his strength perched upon a slumber tree. with the sun vibrant above. He believed since he saw the white Raven he had the unconquerable will to power. Reality at this moment had to prove his truth.

A persistent cough now stressed him and he gave out splits of blood which splashed back to his beaten face: this conquer of Somalia fighting to breath a few breaths jerked his neck to the side allowing his mouth to spill his bobily fluids out like the rush of vomit.

“Is… this… how… you… died… mother?”

He lay inches away from the jaws of fugitive shutting his eye lids forever. The waves of the days sun caused a heat build up to seal the room like a oven; slowly numbing his muscles in a feeling of compete relaxation. As The pain eased away he paused his movements he allows the intoxicating haze of nostalgia for sleep take him.

Weak but alive he reaches out into the empty air; his fingers crawl to press the open space between him and the ceiling. A few rays of the white sun Though dull run across his face only moving when shades of clouds cast over through the open window; now catching this conquer in a cold embrace. He could no longer feel his legs. Yet for the first time he now dared to stare directly into the suns light as the clouds depart. He wanted to see its pale face before he dead. To have his audience with a ball of fire.

Some where in his subconscious. As far back as he could reach he pulled towards his blood oath. Remembering it at as a dream. His favorite place to go. His heaven on earth. His father once again walks towards him. Tristan, knees to him. their eyes met. He tells him again the story of his future. He pionts the way to the horizons edge once more. Augustus imagines he will see a beautiful field made of white lights and there he will see him. His future self. The man to save his world.

“Do you remember your oath my son?”

“I do father.”

“Say it.”

“America will fall and rise again to glory.”

Augustus in awe of his vision vomits out another pound of blood. Releasing his throat to to seize enough dry air to stay awake. his arms and legs found life and he desperately scratches the sandy floor to not loose his last chance to be found. A few switching kicks and forced movements with his hands return Him to lifting his head once more; like a fish out of water he was able to exhale out a huge swat of breath. Reaching a few meters off the floor his honey curls soak with blood. the young man kicked with both heels again. The rub of his boots to the heated floor propelled his body toward the door. the days sun now left its peak in the sky and made its way to connect with the young man’s line of site again. he knew he had only to leave the room to be rescued. His soldier’s will see his body and take him to his personal doctor. He thought of the gifts to be showered on them. medals, money, golden raifus, land, the world. Finally his bright shooting star drew his attention. His subconscious returns to witness a ball of light fall. This sign conjured back his promise. back to when his father commanded the Air, land and sea.

“I… will… conquer… the unconquerable.”

Out alone on his fathers flag ship aircraft carrier USS democracy. a wild tumbling sphere of flames bright and beautiful plunges into the altic ocean before him. Brining him back to his broken body on the floor. A great joint cuts through his nerves around his neck like an itch; his shoulders felt the next wave.his hands, chest, thighs, feet, felt zapped a live. The soldiers body began pumping with blood or some other fiulld force. he came to lay on his right shoulder with his hand bracing the ground. Finally he could lift his head off the ground with a sense of power.

All the walls around him began to haze in a transparent mist of light above. These Bands of light pull and thunder out of the solid walls. Augustus held his gaze to witness black feathers pouring down all around him; with a bit of a playfulness these feathers confused him. He stretches with all he can muster to stare up; his pupils let in dust protocols; lines of floating light, colors, and the changes, and movement of the flames draw him like a moth. He could not come to terms with this vision. Was this the last thing he would see before he died? A white flame sweeping out of a vortex reaching for him casting him under a spell? the captivating flame felt familiar to him. but he could not believe the connection.


As his vision fades to shades of black and bright flashes, he comes upon a moment to the thoughts of waking up in his bedroom. His mother enters to get her good fortune speech before she flew overseas. The young soldier enjoyed praising his mother. for she had promised his days would be happy and full of comfort as a prince of America. this happy memory turned back to reality for a bodyly wave of tiny pitching needles began attacking his chest the moment the memory stopped. Stressing his lunges to bulky and exhale dry air. His teary eyes returned freely running along his tireless cheeks. They moan the time now lost for him; His last heart beat is coming. His last thought to his bestfriend escapes him and he now forgets what he looked like.

Augustus releases his subconscious to slowly roll back. His mind loops into a clear shade of a piece of broken glass reflecting his memories as if he watched it from a far. As if to force a final image. The last memory he could hold on remained. His blood oath to conquer the unconquerable. ( a time with his father on his aircraft carrier USS Democracy 188 words)

This memory of his father now faded and Augustus was left with only the long ringing in his ears of death to take him. Yet, he was not alone and the curtain over his final sleep stayed away. He could still think. Leaving A Being of bright pink flame to take his hand. Augustus smirks as he spits fluids causing his teeth to sting. “Commander Charles?” a blast of shock opens his jaw he shuts them to grind his teeth and Prevent the coming pain.

“Save me!” Defaleted and with a weeper his words came out. His watery eyes instead cried his question, “Can you save me?” The Being smiled and swiftly commands, “Stand!” The young man felt a rush of air to the scope of his head. He now believed this was his mind playing tricks. The Being stared dictarly into his eyes. A white flame tunneled into his golden sand pupils. they both now understood each other without speaking. causing an echo to start in his ears when he spoke. “I can not… I’ve been stabbed many, many times. please call for help.” This Being form another place stood tall and only bent his Lean body forward to reach for the soldiers other hand. With a legit rise the Being offers him some advice, “know this my triumphant, You will find when you put your faith in me. You can do anything. you could even stand.” this voice bolts through His broken body. transmitting another joint through his nerves system This causes a and caved over his bottom jaw a great cry out of his lounges followed. His jaw smacked down relieved of any traction

The son of Tristan continues to shake as if shocked out of a coma to find he now stood in the room he entered. Alive untouched. He could not believe it until the tall Being stood before him. His horror seems to now be a passing torment. The soldiers eyes before were hindered by the flames so close to him. yet now he could gaze at an unnatural chaotic figure of flame. which had been all over the ceiling. Now they flicker like clam fire dancing on candle wax into his savors pupils. This conquer knew who this being is. Same brown eyes, brown skin, voice, “who are you?” he asks anyway.

The tall being shook his head, ” isn’t it obvious?”

The soldier pushed back, “i must be dead?”

“This once proud nation i give to you.”

“The heat must seriously messed with my brain. I want to conquer it! Yes rule it! Yes.” he shouted.

“My Triumphant you have reached enlightenment. The horizons edge.”

“Triumphant? I have never held that title.”

“Come now, you have sire, hundreds of times, a million times. in all realities. Your glorious reign began the moment you came into the natural world.”

Augustus regained the sense of his strength. He flexed his shoulders and did a few jumping jacks and screamed.

” I Am Alive!”

He gazed sincerely at the person before him. Augustus learned only to relay on his will. His own passion. now a being of another dimension offers him a new future? Why?

“Don’t you hear them chanting your name?” The soldier quickly stared into what force stood as him. He had his exact eyes, and then He heard them. The roar of millions screaming a name: “Caesar.” The shock wave of love ran through the crowd; never had he felt a love like this. Or did he? It almost scared him for just a moment a ago he was feeling cold. he now felt the summer sun. He never felt anything more beautiful and more intoxicating than what he was hearing. “Who are you?” The entities  pupils sparked a golden brown flame. ” you may call me Morning Star.”

Arisen form near death Commander Augustus Marshal thought about the name. “you’re the pale raven?” he remembers his fear of the bird. could he fully trust what he was seeing? Who is he really talking too. A demon? Yet, he never rushed a decision or dismissed any one without hearing them out first. So he played along. If it was a dream, then if is just a dream he could tell his parents the next time he visits their graves.

“What do you say? for the Constitution and the people of America?” The morning star broke the silence.

“For the Constitution and people!” Augustus replied. His fathers mission took him to the memory of the horizons edge. He pressed the being for answers. “Can a loin not hunt at night? Or get his dinner? does an Eagle need to gaze at the sun before he captures its prey? i have my own army. What’s in it for me to give into false belief? When I live in the real world with all the advantage?”

“An hour ago you had the advantage and a second ago you lost it all. Just another warlord.”

“Four years ago you gave him this feather. but Why, theres so many searching to port at the harbors edge. Why help me get to that place?” Augustus asked with genuine curiosity.

“I helped them all.” the morning star answered.

“So am above them all?

The crowds you heard… that is the future…”

“You can see the future?” Augustus said.

“Yes, I am there! As Ruler of the World. With my help I can guild you there.” Augustus inner instinct told him this was only going to end badly at least for him. He knew his father was supertistus and believed in ghosts and demons. Augustus searched his fathers study after the raven left him alone. before he set out to find his army four years ago. he read his fathers notes and dairy. Tristans interest seems to lead to paganism. he summoned spirits in his study or tried too. if he could believe his fathers acccounts. Part of his fathers writing seemed to go no where. Could this bright light be something his father let out. or did it escape? What is Absolute power really worth! 

“What do you want? The Morning star asked.

Augustus set his attention along the far left towards a brick wall. a craved out window circulated the air out of the room. He could see with his new set of eyes a blue field, mingled together with orange clouds. a tumble of smells of the Atlantic ocean flush to the top of his noise. He never forgot his father’s army. Without them Augustus may have never been taken on this path for power.

“Are you not me. can you not look into our souls and see our destiny.” Augustus reminded him.

“You have faith in your fathers memory?”

“What do you want form me?” Augustus demanded.

“My Triumphant, have faith… as you had faith in him until death. Put your faith in me and beyond death.”

Augustus became seized as thousands of hands pull on him. His mind now became a portal into a world so remote to his own. Leading to a place hungry for security. strength and a lasting peace.

“what is happening?”

“That life Augustus.” he said and continued. “A new world were not only does humanity hail your name. but your familys honorable heritage will continue on with a nation forever grateful to you. The civic crown woven into your golden-brown curls becomes the envy of all Europe and Asia. Naturally they will know your name; Caesar. Divine Emperor, Augustus, the illustrious one. O Conqueror of the unconquerable. And My personal favorite my beloved Triumphant. All these names are yours: given to you since you were born. Your birth right is waiting for you Augustus… put your faith in me and see all that i have promised come to pass. “The world I give to you.”

“who are you to give the earth to me?”

“Triumphant you know who I am.”

“Then please give me back my parents.”

the Being stood with out giving a reply.

“Triumphant, to everything there is a time . This is your time. what will you do with it?”

Augustus, strategic with what he revealed of his true feelings knew he alone had the chance to save his country. with a new life Augustus took all restricts off the table. He remembers the 42th presidents secretary of states words on the subject of the United states being the indispensable nation. he knew the truth in his heart and gave his reply,

“How many?”

“All My Triumphant, remember what is good? All that gives the soul pride in the individual, the Will to Power; God-hood it self. What is bad? All that is and was. What is happiness? The return to ones home, that death is overcome.”

Augustus fell back a step than firmly set his feet on the dirt floor. he turned placing a hand on a wall. He couldn’t say it. the words he needed to conjure his inner most desire. he hid behind masks to bring back his world back to the way things were. using those who believe in that faded out dream. that long ago dream. but he knew in his heart the future was him. He alone could get his people there. he just needed one more mask to wear. walking out in front of the Somalia sun Augustus saw his small band of warriors ready to die for an old future. he must show them a new path. His desire must now guild him there with the help of this entity.

“We act because we are America. And i will never die.”

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