The Train

July 17 2055, Kaleb’s eyes betray his courage in front of his mother. His pupils receded and narrow recalling happy memories of an easy life. Now forever in the pass. To lose all hope now would go against his human instinct to want to live another day. So he took his mothers hand gently and silently walked with her to their coming fate. His youthful ignorance which served him so well in the past shielding him from the civil wars and the many deaths in his family took on a life of its own with each step he took to his chosen destination.

“What’s going to happen to us?” His mother whispered.

The July air was warm and yet the sun is timid amongst the overwhelming people marching in the same direction. Hallie held onto Kaleb’s gentle hand. No words past between them as a Hasslely built train station made of large bright steel came into view before them. The US praetorian guard lead thousands into these steel surface trains. The structure was massive with twenty five carts in all. And yet for all it’s space it still could not fit the mass of confused people lining in rows of twenty. So the guards at a certain point gave up the pretax of kindness and wiped severely the remaining doubters inside. Kaleb and Hallie found them selfs in the far corner where a small window peeked out a fresh breeze of air into the cart. Feeling a moment of genius they quietly enjoy it until an old woman needed air; their morals then kicked in and stepped aside. Then came a child then a man and so on until kaleb and Hallie found them selfs locked in a line to breath a fresh breeze of air. In a haze Kaleb becomes lost his thoughts of happier times.

“I remember clearly the lake side house you took me to each summer. The flight to Hong Kong always gave me cramps and the drive there was exhausting but I loved the days of laying on the deck or daring my friend to swim to the other side and back. It was the best time for me.”

In the weeks leading to this mother and sons unavoidable predicament; rumors, Conspiracies circled in the town. Head lines from the city’s newspapers read “in the coming days all citizens will be relocated to the country side by trains free of charge. Taken far away from the approaching Chinese army backed by the remaining world powers. But having the day Actually arrive came as a shock to the boy who believed his world would remain unchangeable. To forever remain in exile. Yet to add to his fear of the unknown Kaleb now felt so stupid and childish about his life. That simple past of simple childish dreams are forever gone like his sister. He still only wished she lived another day.

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