introduction to the short story: the Country side

First perspective -Kaleb

A husband and wife previously a Judge and doctor before the Governor’s wars saw an injustice and guide a mother and her son to their D.C home. breaking the American Emperors mandate to destroy all state criminals found. Ten weeks have now pasted. Kaleb in an effort to always express his gratitude to their kindness mowed their back yard and on weekdays every night he washed the dishs after dinner and in time he learned how to set up and clean their laundry by hand when Mothra became i’ll. Martin a tall man in his seventies taught Hallie how to cook and clean the bathroom room.
Life for kaleb seemed to be normalized and felt life could go on like this forever.

Second perspective – Hallie

In time as the fear of being recognized or informed on eased and quickly subsided. the months in exile turn into a full year. Kaleb found a job working as mr Petersons assistant. Helping plant and tend to his gardens. The exiled prince in time helped with finance. Gaining insight on the american tax code. With Peterson eyes failing him each day. Kaleb became more relevant to the day to day keeping of the house hold. Hallie, give up trying to normalize her life and behavior through no fault of her own she in her forties with twenty years accustomed to high society. Curled herself up in a heavy wool blanket by a open fire each night in the living room. She spent her days thinking about her past choices. A glass of red wine occupied her right hand. She knew this wouldn’t last forever.

The Trian – the resettlement to the Counrty side

July /17/ 2055 Kaleb’s eyes betray his courage in front of his mother. His pupils receded and narrow recalling happy memories of an easy life. Now forever in the pass. To lose all hope would go against the human instinct to live another day. In the weeks leading to this mother and sons unavoidable predicament; rumors, Conspiracies circled in the town. in the coming days all citizens will be relocated to the country side by trains. Taken far away from the approaching Chinese army backed by the remaining world powers.

The July air was warm amongst the overwhelming people marching in the same direction. Hallie held onto Kaleb’s hand. No words past between them as a Hasslely built train station made of steel came into view before them. The US praetorian guard lead thousands into these steel surface trains they were massive with twenty five carts in all. And yet for all their space.

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