For over 10,000 years after the first ice age. Humanity has fought and died for the chance at the one thing they desire above all earthy pleasures. POWER.

Many individuals in history have called her their mistress. Indeed, she has many names and can take on many personas. Countless races define her Differently. Yet she never conforms to any individual. She only in braces and enthrones those who work hard at her conquest and abandons those who fail to obey her laws.

Those endowed with her favor may accomplish very good or very bad feats. The ambitions and names of those who tried to tame her reach out to us. They sing across the centuries of recorded history by the The monuments left behind. Hatshepsut, Julius Caesar, Darius the Great, her majesty Elizabeth Tudor. George Washington, Mao Zedong of china, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the god king Kim Jong il of North Korea. And above them all stood this man. Caesar Augustus, this was the man who established an echo a tone for those who came before him. And for all others to follow. He formulated the blueprint for seeking her side which is still in use today. This series tells the stories of dozens of men and woman who have drawn out the sounds, and chords of political power.

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