In the history of the 21th century there are fewer more contentious rulers than Emperor Augustus Marshal of the United States of America. This is the man who started world war 3 in the year 2048. His final assault on the state of Florida marked the end of the three branches of the American government. Its republic which stood the best of time for nearly 300 years. Now transitions into a Roman style monarchy; However, is the rule of one man the beginning of the end for America? Or only just the beginning

The American Emperors war with Greater China

The heights of summer were fast approaching. The time reached 10:15 a.m. His imperial majesty, Divine Emperor Augustus Marshal reclined supposedly without a care to the reality outside his Japanese style garden. The far off cries of the shattered city of downtown Jerusalem never seemed to interrupt his secluded bliss. And though the Emperor appeared to be in paradise. He was in fact deeply worried about his future. . .

“Praetorian.” the American Emperor shouted across quiet ponds and bush’s of purple tulips. The echo of his voice carries now on the back of a frightened breeze smashing through his happy garden. Disturbing the blue Jay’s in their nest. Frightening even the many species of bugs borrowed in the dirt. Lastly his personal bodyguards named after the unit that protected the first Augustus. Stood at the entrance gate and upon hearing their imperator. They Hurried to his command with fear.

“Yes, Your Divine Majesty?”

“0315…. I’m reading here that i wont be getting any updates until 3:15 pm this afternoon. Answer?”

“Caesar, commander Charles has ordered radio silence until his mission is complete.” the Veteran praetorian quickly explained then Hopes his answer would occupy his masters thoughts long enough to cool his physic anger.

“Traitor? Impossible quickly have my adviser Jack sent to me.”

“Yes Caesar”

“Bring him. At once.”

The Emperors anxiety had reached it tipping point. He’s only outlet remaining was his clever assistant Jack. Only a recent hire to his household. The boy moved about the Palace untouched by the blood on the walls.

The praetorian lingered with his roman style salute. Arm raised, fingers stretching out, his heels banging. A nazi or Italian fascist salute some would brand it? Yet what mattered to this Divine emperor is his belief the Roman’s used it. So he demanded it be a praetorian official salute. A sharp pain running up his arm moved to different points on on the soldiers body. it originated around his chest. He feared the Emperors wild moods which froze the muscles in his cheeks. Causing the soldier to tighten his loyal expression as he stood at attention. The sweaty moist on his hand made his iron spear pull on his left shoulder. The emperor forgetting his own protocol waves him dismissed. With some distance the praetorian guard finally releases his anxiety with a big exhale half the length of the palace which reached 15,900 square feet: survival which initially helped the praetorian navigate the many consirpeys of the temple palace up until this point. Now has placed him in danger. For if his servant Jack tells the divine emperor he did not come on his command but simply entered his peaence on his own. He could be summoned to answer for his failure. For the Emperor during this period was stark raving mad. To much death in his family and to much power blinded Augustus to reality. The soldiers fear may every well seal his faith for disregarding his masters orders to find jack.

In a world war the fourth in this century; any victory achieved by his enemies had the potential to ruin the Divine Emperors plans for an official american dynasty. In his mind even his closest of friends or soldiers could tip the power scales in another’s favor. A return to the old democracy instead of his new Empire spelled disaster to his fathers legacy. And so Augustus made his choice to spare no one.

“Good fortune is a fickle god. I must be the God of Death to offset the odds.”

“His majesty talks to himself?” uncovering behind a wall of bushes. a youth dressed in a fine Roman tunic approached the emperor.

“Jack? finally you’ve arrived.”

The boy gave a graceful bow. his wavey hair sweeps back and forth as he rised his head.

“I am always a few steps away. Your Divine Majesty.”

“i have terrible news”

“Your majestys friend has betrayed him?”

“i have no proof. he calls for radio silence.”

“You must go to him and find out.”

“He’s six thousand miles away. The world is on fire.”

“Take an escort of your best Jet fighters they will protect you. Your Commander of the Air Force Robert Moses will lend you some. he’s your most loyal general.”

“Yes, yes course Moses. the Emperor arose off his throne with a new found sense purpose and energy. his eyes fulitred as his thoughts raced back and forth in his mind. “Jack you must stay here and rule in my stead. i can trust no one. And more importantly i have decided i shall make you my heir when i return. They will never see it coming. The fools”

In the middle kingdom a world war was raging. The Communist Party of China aided by E.U nations backed with the strength of the United states military: Scorched the earth to bring down their common enemy: the American Emperor. These allies as a collective victoriously drove the emperors army out of Europe. This left Greater China as the last battlefield for victory open to the Emperor. By this time China was still able to independently wage war against his superior army. however, the peoples liberation army could not maintain the balance. Their President for life promises the world total victory. The nations of the earth only had to fellow. The President of the United States signed the treaty last.

They called their union: the Free Alliance Republic (F.A.R) it was neither free nor a union of friends. but made of despite states betting on a winner.

Augustus military recruiting was small in comparison to the F.A.R forces which amounted to nearly ten million ground troops. Yet what the Emperor lacked in size he made up for in advance technology.

Sovereigns Peace

Sovereigns Peace achieved the technical advantage of the 21th century: a marble of American achievement. A dangerous super weapon guided by the Emperors will to power: the machine interacts exclusively with the Marshal bloodline; insuring only he, himself, and his successors could operate the historic technology: an invisible force generated from within a single port no bigger than a iPhone provides himself, the imperial navy, Air force and marine’s with absolute protection. Nations hiding behind Nuclear weapons or any other tactical weaponry no longer held the bench mark for national security. They all signed the treaty and surrendered the day he came to power.

This period of dominance is now in its 5th year. But his main ally the super weapon code name Sovereigns peace had out grown its programming and developed a self awareness to the suffering of mankind. challenging the emperors insanity to rule.

As the war reached its first year the Emperors super weapon Disobeys and leaves the American homeland defenseless. In the chaos that followed which lead to the Allies global assault on his empire. the emperor was forced to storm his own palace. Five hours before the F.A.R landed. He nearly lost his life beneath the tunnels of rooms were the weapon hid. The young Augustus ordered the machine to be shut away at his new capital palace in Jerusalem. And so there after Augustus tossed a coin each time he sent troop’s into battle. Which only amplified his anxiety to suffer true defeat. Each of his core commanders loved and feared him but Augustus terror left many seeking change in government.

For the first time in five years Augustus feared to die. Worse yet to die by a friends hand. He could do nothing but exile himself and await the wars outcome.

This turning point brings us back to the Emperor today in his rainbow garden. He was worried because he now placed his dynasty in the hands of a friend he couldn’t fully trust. A man with Democrat ideals.

Years before this man supported Augustus when he was a mercenary commander. Back when they both fought to prevent Americas downfall.

While aboard the 7th fleets flagship USS Democracy. The order came to kidnap his target; the last american president. With few resources and only twenty thousand men in the battle heart of Beijing. The general had to make his own choice; to remain loyal to his Emperor and beat the odds or to fight for his core beliefs in returning his country back to a democracy. Yet to only leave it in the hands of another Dictator; President Matthew Marshall. Therefore, Charles Power understood his loyalty counted on his ability to capture the Emperors worse enemy. yet still the last Potus counted on him to turn coats and to uphold the constitution once more. All three men held their breath before they tossed the dice to roll. Unsure of the future heading towards them.

The United states during these deceptive times was ruled by an Emperor. The rules governing society after the civil wars changed, disappeared, set aside altogether. Lost until the next page of human history had a long exhale to write it. For now the 4th world war consumed all of humanity.

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