Pitch night feathers shine bright against the almighty moon light.

Pride was found within you, Until the day of judgement release you.

God hood lays masked behind a Perfect Beauty, come arise beyond intended duty, the Highest one, devotes songs to please you.

“Are you with him?”

Thy Desire someone else’s authority.

Your earthly son begs you; he needs you.

Prideful Son of Dawn, not even the Most-High can treat you,

“We are with you.


My island home is to the east, close to the beating heart of a world baptized in ivory clouds. A cloaked kingdom steeped around a fog of blind faith to an invisible creator. A stone temple built for a master race with no Will to power of their own.

Since its birth, the fair skin master’s kept away within stone walls proclaimed. ” Here begins our Age of Gold. A high Paradise worthy of praise.” I only beheld some unnecessary high stone gates and an open sky prison.

My mythical island — true to its nature and the real Eden — lived a open land flowing with free water which glowed purple in the moon light. Where green hill jungles flourish without the touch of stars or seasonal rain. With a single glimpse before me. I realize what had been lost in the natural world outside this island. The idea of free will.

There is are themes, words, deep sea anchors to hold us to the bottom terrain to explore; to speak to this loss era, “What was lost has been taken away. No one in the natural world can remember when.” These are not my own words. I am merely a Scribe left behind. A watcher here stuck in a hollow abyss but not forever no no no… i finally found an answer.

Before reaching this end through great pains i learned to avoid indoctrination of false beliefs in order to survive here. The theme works like this. There is only one Supreme life and he claims the name Most-high. He created himself and the natural world. Claiming dominion over all races within it — thankfully, my consciousness still understands this never-ending rainbow was and still is not real. Even after four Centuries I will admit it is difficult to hide here without breaking. Or have a moment to consider the benefits of blind faith.


My unseen chains need no iron shackles to hold me to this world. The heavenly weeping trumpets engulfing the sky year around remind me not to curiously gaze to far down glorious rainbows beaming open my hell. My abyss is bright and wonderful. In this place I recall the fear of sharing their fate: They call themselves the forgotten generation. These disappeared creatures I can not seem to find any written word or any monument to their past lives here. Or visit their graves up high or in between. All i know is that they are gone. Thus, I can not give proof to their end alone. I need to acquire my answer. The backing of an everlasting creature. Equal to this monster.

Oh yes, there is a deceiver in this tale. “Holy Fi. . .”

Forgive me, I nearly said his name aloud, forgive me my revenge nearly gave my life away. Ending my story.

I have found to much comfort in thought thus i get confused in which space I am speaking in. Words spoke aloud and names spoken aloud have power. I must speak carefully as I commit to my journey. Even as I feel strength in my private mind. The forgotten races of an old world order. The divine creatures I hope to one day see. They warned me and later cautioned me long ago to never speak his real name aloud. They would tell me but not yet. They would go on to say “never reveal this knowledge of the world before this reality to anyone. For none would believe and some would tell. For the god of this world has gained God-hood.“ They wanted me to live another day.

These forgotten races desire could only be understood in quiet places like this island. And when my feathers finally turned blue. I made a promise. i swore to never forget their anthem to their past life. And honor their memory with deeds.

Indeed, it has been some centuries since I heard their revenge. To my shame I remember them only when i begin to lose sense of reality. Just before I sing and praise his glory. just before I test my boldness to declare out and embrace death.

“You are not Divine!”

My cowardice can only be described as if a colossal star’s flame; bright and all consuming Chrono inferno it was an inferno quickly becomes dim, outshined by some other blinding force stealing its core energy until there is nothing left but obedience. This false masking as a beam of light Scares me utterly. For he Is master here with a single equal. Yes, yes an equal has been found.

And i have found him.


In the beginning when I first awoke to this world and came to this island. I heard echoes found, entangled, mushed up, hovering alongside quiet wind. Racing just behind, cautious in its approach, scared, to catch up. Until one day when it was time For them to keep their promise. they spoke and told me his journey to enlightenment. That I must follow the same journey as the false god. I quickly ignored it but I had no idea then I would be hearing them for the last time.

To be truly awake forever and hear nothing but the great silence before the backdrop of endless singing. I will say is beginning to feel worse then fearing the mysteries of the true death. The Almighty star knows the hour his real name is spoken. So, I shall not try to say it on my journey but use his divine names. The penalty for taking his true name in vein is none other than the second death. The final death. There is no one else left to remember his name. Because to know is name is to know his beginning. To know that is to know with out doubt there would be no afterlife for me. Now I must press on. I am done here.

Taking flight, I push off the branches of my favored fruit trees and fly above, to another dimension. It is well known as the tenth-high and I travel there to speak with a unique creature.

The tenth-high as it is, is simply known as the House to the children of god. Yet he — with his individuality — named it his sanctuary: a home untouched by Paradise. A land far from the true faithful he saw as inferior life. Over heaven he placed it, this house of his; to be closer to his unofficial father. Blossoming as a flushed flower his world sprang. Opening before me six rolling hills. Near the base of these hills arose blades of grass — They appeared to me as flames on a green field. Surely nothing could live there? Northward of there I came to see all within his house. There quite sheep laid with golden lions, tiny doves hailed the glory of the Highest One each day. The animals of this world devoured no beast but appeared to share in the happy bliss of untouched nature. I nearly came to believe in his world, but the truth has set me free.

I peered through his sanctuary. A dimension to hide his truth — As I move past all that was within his dimension. My eyes now reached the boarders where his lands’ end.

The howling of an entire ocean overwhelms me, and my claws lay buried in golden sand. Yet there is more. Not far into the hazel distance. Where the ocean met the shore. I focus my curiosity to take hold of me– I hop over the sand studying him, alone on a vast crescent beach. The air is busy, yet I hear no songs or hysterical worship to God.

By the dead Nepfillim, an everlasting Being is just before me. I must have said a hundred times in the safety of my mind. Which swiftly turned my thoughts to appeasement. I dare not arise his anger.

His star is universally known, yet at the same time not truly believed to be real. Even by me. Few of his own kind can attest to a time I now observe: the self-imposed exile centers in my universe.

I witness him reclined on a wooden throne. His August wings arose unbound, his sandal-laced feet relaxed beneath crashing blue waves. His eyes flicker like wild candle flame. beaming jubilant if not more glorious to any star fire I could hope to perceive. This light seduces my senses to proclaim. His shine the purist in all creation; lastly, a grass crown highlighted his short golden curls. While my curiosity awakes, he exhales a soft breath. Lastly this true immortal Being is one of remarkable pride. Masked behind a nobility nowhere to be found in any superior creature. In many ways he is the same as my enemy: however, I saw him as my burning sword unsheathe. His hidden desire which I know is in his heart shall soon aide me.

“Morning Star, where are you today?” I said to him.

“Only he can be in all places and still be in one place. Here I remain,” He said with little regard to me.

“Sire, I seek the light bringer.” I replied with pride.

“You perched beside me undesired. Fly away,” He said to me.

“I see no creature in high heaven here to treat with you. Who could say my lord is real?”

He answered as if anyone could hear him,

“There are no guides to my jungle nor any trails to my beach yet here you come calling on me?”

“I flew high and far, Sire, with your light as the perfect guide.” My eyes fought to conceal my planted lie inside the truth.

“If I am not real nor believed in. Where did I come from, creature? Who was the first to speak my name, tell my story; the tremble I placed in the spirit of all the princes of hell? did Lady Time forget my face? No, I remain side by side with her shifting hands. Across the sands of eternity, She will never know another partner.”

His evermore eyes spark a sheen and ginger radiance. Casting me under his undeniable beauty, compiling me to admire him,

“Forgive me… I confess I have never beheld a being so fair! I am humbled truly, Sire. And I see no other Elohim under high Paradise worthy of the journey I have prepared.”

“You may leave, creature.” he dismissed me grinning as to show his amusement with my need of him.

“If I may, almighty Sun, oh fair-skin humanoid. . . You are said to be regal in your manner, affectionate among your kin, treacherous when angered. The Bene Elohim with no equal in beauty. The last of his slaves to be born into bondage. Yet you have the eyes meant to reveal the truth. The truth will always find you. Do those words hold true, Sire?”

“A slave? There are no iron bars to bind my wrists. nor do i see metal chains to keep me here? No, I am FREE.” he shouted ending with another grin on his lips. While ignoring my praise. Which is well known he enjoyed flattery.

His imposing wings coated with solid black feathers overtook my air; he let them flex open until I was completely covered in their shadow. I worked up my courage; I flew quickly to rest upon his index finger, as death eclipses just above me.

“Prisons come in many froms, Sire… Some have open skies.”

“Say on,” he said to me.

“There is a Monster here.” I said to him.

“A Demon in paradise?” he thundered his words of displeasure at me. His complete attention now centered around two important questions whether to vaporize me or to show me mercy and hear my warning. The Morning star’s swift moods to violence is well known.

“Sire, I do not say it is you.”

“Please sing. Unveil your mind tiny bird or depart to the second death with my blessing.”

“What authority governs justice in the natural world?” I jumped to say.

“Listen and learn, the seven princes of heaven are the voices of Highest One; they bring his laws to the Sons of God,” he said to me as one teaches a student.

“Sire, and who is The Highest One? Is he the one God you mention?” I asked quickly.

“The Highest one. . . You mean to test me, Creature? Has Prince Shekinah put you to this task? Tell her I gave my answer long ago. Now GO,” He said with a pause. “Never return.” he ended with a quiet warning as his gaze reached the falling sun on the horizon until it dips beneath the water. But the area never lost a moment of light.

“No sire please she did not send me.” I race to say.

His mood changed from that of a unamused task master. To the roar of a lion’s death heat. Which lit his flaming eyes towards me as prey, and as his demeanor changed, he leaned in towards me. The sparking flame in his eyes twisted like a world pool tunneling into an empty pit. I felt the breath of a powerful storm tear my hope away. I became infected with dread. I must have mistaken his desire. Overstepped in my knowledge he was different. How could i be wrong? Then i remembered this is Mighty Lucifer: a burning sword. And to my spirits joy he spoke again,

“No matter the Era; he is the king of paradise. Enthroned above he presides on a level unimaginable to all in the natural world. Above me and you he reigns over the master race. He is the king of peace, the first bringer of law and light to all the ten dimensions covered in blackness. Here and Beyond these realms of paradise, we praise his name as the Most-high. The almighty star the Highest One, we worship his perfection: he is the purest white flame. We give thanks to his far casting touch, the most holy of blessings. In times past when our gardens were seeds, dormant beneath Eden, the Most-high brought an end to the laws of Magic and individuality. Which Birth me to life with fire. There is no creature he did not create.

Easing his pitiless appearance. He returned his broad back to his chair and set his handsome gaze out towards the horizon once again. As if he questioned his words. I felt we understood each other in the silence that followed. We could not be judged by our thoughts.

“These names or titles, the Most-high, the almighty star? Is he the same Power? the sole dispenser of justice and law? The first life in the natural world?”

“Wisdom starts at the end. Take note creature. I have thee father’s authority, as do the princes of heaven. There were no others before him.” He stated to me.

“Are they Gods? are you not a God? you have your father’s name? Can a being lower than a God pass judgement over you?”

“You claim ignorance in this? We possess only what the sole God of the natural World decrees. We rule on his behalf.”

“Answer this Morning star is this relationship you share with this sole God in belief he is your creator. The first race?”

“In this my answer is veritas, blue bird.” he proudly stated as if he were being watched by some other Being. it appears not for my benefit and so I gave him no reply.

“Ah, and now your silence has found you trouble.” His awesome gaze caught my stare once more,

“Please, Sire… there is a place I’m sure you are aware of. . . where the air is dreadfully silent and the red earth barren. Neither a living flower nor rich soil leap to sing. A withered garden of tall fingers cut off to the touch and warmth of twilight stars. Below this hides the black city beneath an eye. West of this city shall arise a mountain crowned in gold before you. You’re answer lays there, I promise, eldest son of the Most-high.”

He drew silent as he listened to me. pleased at my mention of his closeness to his God. My hidden meanings, my vague statements. He had the demeanor of curiosity, yet if nothing else. My seed of trust has some chance to blossom. Then he will be ready for his journey to Godhood

Deep Space Beyond the Ten High

“What do you know of the laws concerning magic?” The Morning Star says to me with such blunt frankness. And he goes on to ask that of Sin. I fear he tests my knowledge of demonology. The arch on his left brow raised a concerning tone while his wild inferno gaze watches me. Leaking fire as we flew. We descended together in unison. The tumble down concealed our way with off- white clouds that come and go around us in a sea air of water and dust. Blocking walls of crystal light descend from what i imagine is the house of my enemy. His throne is up above us all. Does he watch over now as the Morning star looks upon me? with the same doubt? Would he care?

“Sire I behold a stone Tower in the misty distance. Is this the way? Must we enter paradise?” I calmly ignored his question and gave my own.

“I cannot simply ascend to such a depth without the lord’s faithful blessings. you would do well to receive it yourself. “

“Sire i need none. But this bleak tower in front of us. . . is this the place to inquire?” I replied boldly. In the presence of a divine creature, a lesser being’s best option would be to mix bold courage with honorable submission as to not outshine or offend the higher life. But never bore it at the same time. One such as I must be interesting to live.

“Archiea Lady of Faith will be our first step into the unknown.” He said to me.

We flew towards it and as I said a grim tower rose before us. Primeval and archaic in its design. Time has passed over its foundation stones to rise it up to loom over the clouds of paradise. like a living shadow unable to escape the rays of a savage ball of fire above it. Forever watchful, imposing, and judgmental.

My powers of perception have failed me for i could not describe its footing for i saw none. it seems to float with the surrounding mist. a hidden world within a world between gas and dust. I fear to get near but i have my bringer of light with me. i shall not fear, yet.

High Paradise

“Curious you need no permission to enter the lands between paradise and the abyss. . .”

“Sire i was born outside of paradise in a small island to the east.”

“Ah, how’s the scenery? not to colorful for you?”

“Each day I awake to fantastic colors of painted landscapes and endless color. Each day i feel the valley’s could almost pop alive.”

“indeed, now I believe my flame guides you to me. As the Almighty Stars light illuminates the clouds. Bed rock and earthy stones, trees and the faithful in high heaven and all the lesser life in the universe. So, does mine; its reach peeks down pass hollow shells. giving ease to my truth to your eyes.”

“i would not say aloud, the lord of this worlds architecture is pleasing to the eye…Sire shall I sing my peoples anthem?” I quickly change the subject.

“Such a song would fill you with pride in your home?”


“Proceed, sing great falcon of the far east. Tell me of your home.”

Before i began I felt my heart betray me. I went as white as a ghost. My flight lost its speed with him. I nearly fell. whipping pass his thighs down to his ankle. Thankfully, the gust and pull of his mighty wings swallowed a pocket of air lifting me out of my scare. Allowing me to catch his speed. I regained my pose and my lost nerves. He flew with no regard to me, but his ears listened. And so, I began my song to influence him.

The wind across the valley is pleasantly calm.

The golden eagle above the clouds soars free

Yet we merge in chaotic columns for we are the many

The future belongs to thee

The soil in the east is vibrant and rich

The south yields its gold to the west

But wherever a victory looms unsung.

The future belongs to thee.

The sheep safely cuddled in the herd closes its eyes.

The gardeners work in his meadow is done.

Yet shortly, hails dawn,

Ascend, ascend, the future belongs to thee. . .”

With no comment or questions, he dove to the entrance of the tower. A small wooden drawbridge strapped to iron chains opens before us. My lord softly planted his feet upon the ground without disturbing the dusty floor.

No servants or watchers were about us. If the flare exalting out of high paradise did not shine upon us with such intrusive nakedness i would have felt frightfully alone.

He walked to the Towers entrance and laid a hand on its faded stones as he peered above to find an inscription.

Faith absent of Magic is the Path to God

“Come let us focus on the task at hand and unravel your mystery demon.” the Morning star finally said to me.

“As i said your answer lays below.” I quickly rested upon his handsome bare shoulder.

“Than let us enter here and be on our way.”

To my surprise and wonder he began to walk up spiral stairs. When a moment ago there were none. Will this lead to the top of the tower? I can only imagine. Could it be called the birds’ nest. For i saw a single arch window at its peak. The staircase itself was made of wood which was nailed together in the most archaic fashion. old and crackling. it aches and moaned under the morning stars weight and heel.

No words passed between us. His eyes burn like candle flame in a dark hallway. revealing just ten steps in front of us as we went. All things now appeared indistinct and unreal. Yet our backs were concealed in pitch darkness. For a moment I felt no eyes upon us. No watchful gaze hovering, listening, spying. But i will not take advantage. This could be but a false hope to trap me. I must keep within my mind until we are gone from here.

Resting upon my enemy’s proud servant, so comfortably, while only just some time ago I feared to even leave my fruit tree. is not lost on me. i play a dangerous game with my life. And those disappeared may never find justice. To lose to soon would deny their revenge from ever finding satisfaction. Yet i fear i play a losing game. for i know not, fully the Morning stars full desire beyond power.

Finally, we arrive at the top of the tower. Dirty Stones replaced the aging wood. and we came upon an open door. a great chamber spilled before us when my lords light touched the faces of the bare stone walls.

Little is of note to notice in this great chamber; velvet panels hang over the arch window. for easy access of light into the room I believe. A large carpet covered a simple marble floor, unimpressive . So old and dull was this place. i began to wonder what the Mistress of this dreadful tower looked like, Some old fruit bat or grey owl. What member of the promised Master race lived here?

“Lady faith, I seek your Armor. i have little time to converse.” my lord spoke yet the room was empty except for us.

Then she entered, A blue winged Angel. i did not see where she appeared from. just as the seconds pass with her not there. Now fade into her angelical presents there with us. As if she was always in that room.

She was tall, about the height of the Morningstar; about ten cubits. Her eyes a cool yellow, steady, and assured. The blue robes she wore flow off her body without the need of a breeze. I found it curious the weave of the fabric bore no prints or embroidery. I would have thought it fitting for her beauty to show a little arrogance; its long folds, divine, in its appearance match her slender shoulders gracefully.

The Morningstar stood at the foot of the door. She bowed and kneeled before him. Her magnetic bright blue wings follow her and submit forward with the tip of the feathers touching the floor. Her whole body now bent and pulled to show respect.

“Hail the Son of Dawn. Welcome to my home.”

“I thank you lady faith for your hospitality. you may rise.”

She rose in the most elegant fashion. like a blossoming sunflower. Awaking in front of a intentful bright sun.

I took this moment to behold beauty. To admire two terrifying beings of enormous power conversing with each other so calm and respectful. i forget they are the children of my enemy.

I whisper quickly in his ear.

“Sire we must return to the task at hand.” To my discomfort she regarded me a question.

“You there, blue bird. What task so drives you to need, He, our Morningstar?”

“To renew his faith. O magnetic sun.”

“Faith, yes I believe you can help him. Yes, i see the question in the greatest of our kin’s green eyes. But that is not what has led you to me Lucifer. The Armor of Dawn is yours to take but you have slowly lost faith. In what? only you can answer. Will this journey lead you back to your father I wonder.” if not the Armor will abandon you to a worse fate down below.”

“My time is short lady.” the Morningstar said to her.

A spinning portal before us opens bringing forth wild currents of spitting light beams. Which than burst out of the eye of the portal. Harmless yet savage in its display before us. “Sire what comes.” i said truly at the end of my knowledge.

My lord’s eyes flush with excitement. The burning flame in his eyes arose to a delirium pitch. Forcing my eyes shut and I had to turn away. What weapon does he summon? What more could an everlasting being needed to travel the valley of Red waste? Could it be some symbol of faith? Surely there are no other Elohim as mighty as he? except a creature not of his race… but the Red dragon is not his enemy. Or does he just prepare? He need only ask and I would have assured him. Ah, i must remember their warning, trust no one. the Morningstar can trust no one.

His handsome hands are well proportioned; strong when i did rest upon them. His body cut an inverted pyramid figure. With broad shoulders. supreme in its form and smooth to touch. there is power… real power. My enemy is clever to raise him so high. to not, would only have hasted his fall. And that to shall come. By my designs.

Finally, a belt buckle took form out of the portals mouth; a fine breastplate came with a regal horse tail helmet overhead. Accompanied by an excellent oval shield. Coming next a cross golden shaped sword as shin guards made up the last to come. All beamed with silver light. As if the Armor glowed like blue diamonds. but it did not after the portal had dissipated.

“Morningstar, you travel to the lands drained of any Faith in the Highest One. Should you fine yourself imperil. The Armor will leave you a trace back to the faithful. A single star light. So look above to him for aid. Yet be cautious eldest son of the Most high. There are powerful Wills below that not even the strongest of faiths can match alone.”

A warning? soon out of his hands my lord issued forth the Silverplated armor which than latched onto him. Strapping the many laces, strips, and pieces of silver plates to the eight most important points of his body. The wrists, the chest, his back, shoulders, ankles, knee shins, groin, and head. I thought in this moment; does a Elohim such as he need such bodily protection? or is it just to please his vanity. My guess it could be both. Lastly to add to my point he snaps his fingers; weaving out of the air a golden sash to rap around his left shoulder ending at the waist. He cut a fabulous figure of divine importance. i was in complete awe of him and so was our host. Her eyes devoured him and nearly came to tears. it was in that time i saw the potential of worship. This lord, my warrior hated his own kind and thought little of them. he would not even cross the room to greet her. nor stay in her presents for too long. yet in this moment she saw no faults in him gave no judgment or questioned his loyalty to their master. in this moment he was God.

He now sheathes his Sword and thanked his host and went towards the arch window. i followed without a word. And we went on our journey.

Deep space beyond the Tower and High Paradise

As we went out from that dreadful Tower in which my lord has acquired his new protection. We descend further still beyond high paradise. And we set ourselves to entering that endless abyss.

His new advantage shimmers like sparkling dust around the back drop of sheets of clouds. Trickling gracefully as if thrown off a gazers palm before a steep height. Riding down a fair wind. Each gesture my lord made grew out of a perfect situation found naturally within him. Each building upon the other to create the dance of an Everlasting creature. A wonder to behold.

The enemy of this worlds gaze penetrates every foundation and every spick of dust above us. Casting out all shadows which in turn amplifies the Morning stars born grace to blossom in the light. As a reminder to him of his exclusive favor and continued loyalty. This captures my thoughts upon his intentions as he led the way. Did his lord my enemy know of our journey?

I flew some distance from his magnificent wingspan which overtook the space between us. To any point of view, we were as close as brothers. Yet to far apart to speak with one another in confidence. An advantage i hope to advance down below.

Diving down, pools of off-white clouds collapse and flush into blue snowflakes. Replacing his Gods omnipresent shine with something beautifully foreign.
Giving us the illusion of solid mass in front of us so we slowed our pace. Only when we pressed ahead did the clouds shatter before us. which gave us courage to know we were on the right path.

The Morningstar showed great pleasure gliding through the thickest of transparent rolling sheets of soft orange clouds. They enter, leave, and renew as we pass through them. Dense, yet this jungle of Air swirls peacefully like floating water. Childlike in his manner he cleared the vail with broad strokes of his wings while also running his fingers across the clear flesh of the clouds. lightly weaving his hands to create little carvings of art. One i could clearly see took shape. He spent much time with it and quickly created a blattodea insect. One commonly found on my island: One with wings and six jointed legs. He even added two long antennas poking out of its head. And on its inner prothorax he outlined a menacing skull of what type of animal I do not know. I wonder if he ever dreamed of creating his own. He is just as my enemy perhaps he could. I may feel braver to ask him as we make our way below.

His partner lady time, spins her hourglass, tipping the sands of time in our favor as we reach the bottom of our future destination. If this was done by lesser creatures, we would have spent 500 years traversing this limbo. Yet now we come upon a gaping chasm. swimming in large bodies of fog which began to swirl around our path. As we enter the next field of the realm between Heaven and hell. i am compelled by the heat of their revenge to ask my lord a question. for now, with my new advantage concealed by this great distance between me and my enemy. i can find the courage to plant a simple lie inside a truth so far from his phony shore.

“Sire, i said moving my flight path to reach his friendly ear. “Sire, earlier when we first approached that tower. Above its door I saw a warning – “Faith absent of Magic is the Path to God. what meaning of this do you derive?”

“Indeed it is a warning. To break the Most-high laws you will surely be cast into to the lake of fire. And i will be thy highest judge to send you off. “

His point spooked me and was not at all simple. but i must come to my point for his mood towards me has changed, again. “sire, please forgive my boldness. I simply say. . . can one above the law break the law? If one knew its true history?
“you presume to say if the history of that law is misplaced or placed there to exclude than the one who created that law is hiding knowledge. But to what end? And if this authority is afeared of what this knowledge can reveal about his origin. This could lead to rebellion.”
He knew my thoughts and without taking any baby steps to get to my point he comes to it. forcing me to answer truthfully. yet of course i will not. to do so would cost me my life and his. And we knew it.
“Sire, i feel the air around us drop. And our beacon of heavenly shade above us fade. Foreign clouds now undoubtedly cover us. Have we not now entered distant shores my lord? Can your lips now tell what the heart wants?” said i.
“No.” said he and took no notice of me for the remainder of our descent.

New pools of colossal ice clouds flock all around us. Swiftly covering our tracks upon the air. My eyes could not see 100 yards in front of me, nor behind or in any direction behind me. The Landscape or realm we entered could be described as the realm of the Air. Each corner of this place lay sheets of orange- gold light. I note no stars nor any source that could produce this shine all around us. What feeds this worlds life of endless sky?

The Morningstar soft cheeks and forehead tightens. I believe he has crossed this realm many times. Seeking answers to his desire. But will he grasp his chance? I must risk my life to prepare him slowly for I fear his mood is wild today. One word against his up above master shall send me head long into the land of fire.

Delighting in this floating realm’s splendor. I wonder what lays beneath the cover of pillow clouds. Beneath the black shadows hiding away from the light. I dare not guess. But I have not long to question for we reach the end between paradise and the vast abyss boundaries.

Beelzebub Encounters the Morning Star

What does the Morning Star fear down below? The cold Isolation? Hell it’s self? Or is it the endless cavities of wild blackness; a deep and empty pit between huge stones. Would his Master race cry out for a reprieve Knowing non could bring aid to them? No, this Angel of light fears confrontation with an equal.

We fell feet and crawls first. The height and depth to reach the ground scales to a colossal free fall nearly 600,000 cubits. As I look up a vast plan of red burning clouds casts the realm in a bubble of dim light blocking our return path.

The view to our eyes widened and contrasts as we reach mighty stone like pillars covered in red dirt. A field of weathered rock and dust with little to no breezes or gusts of wind to disturb. An endless dirt plain above a world covered in thick shadows and crimson skies. We have arrived at The Pilar’s of the Red waste. We now reach the foundation of our Journey.

Observer allow me to some light on where I gilded him. This world we have now entered is not a realm at all but a ancient graveyard. Each Pilar a bone, the very air is the breath of the sprits who have fallen.

“There beyond those seven hills.” He said to me.

My lord quickly catches the spot of our next destination. There is nothing particular in its surface nor interesting enough to describe. It was the same as any other pillar. As we land upon it. My lord kneed to its ground and touched his hand to the thick ash hiding the rocky surface.

“This place is born of Death. Father were you here?”

“Are we finally far off from that Stoney shore? Perhaps to sing of our journey?

“in this place. You give up so easily golden falcon? We must have faith. Look up there between the fog of clouds do you see it? the almighty stars protection.”

He rose his right arm above to our previous path stopping at his index finger which pointed the way. with what I could make out beyond the haze of red clouds and dust I saw a light. Faint but still there as a beacon of hope or a sanctuary to lost travelers far from safety. In his mind it was a way back home. A second choice then the one he has already made. As for me I only beheld above me the cast of an evil eye.

Yet I reveal nothing of my mind and I catch his meaning and focus on his investigation of the Baron earth. So did he and he said on to me after awhile. “Gods laws were broken here. It is forbidden to seek independents from Our fathers protection. I fear we may have fallen into a trap. Perhaps one set by you?”

“These symbols they are not of the Master Race my lord?”

“The use of Magic little bird is forbidden. I have zero tolerance for its users past or present. But Be of joy you were correct there is a Demon. But when and for how long? These marks are old a Ritual preformed 4 centuries ago. These symbols are ancient.”

“the Nephilim could they be the casters Sire?” These were my bold words to him, and he replied:

“You Dire to speak their name to me? Even in this place? They are all dead. Destroyed by the Almighty Star on a charge of treason.”

“Sire, If they are all dead then surely only a high ranking angel could travel the distance here and back again? Is this the highest Treason?”

“Such a Angel would be of high in rank. No this spell was casted by a Demon. I know their kind well… there are strong spirits among us: in all the realms especially here. Though they know better then to challenge me. That Forgotten race were all carried off and flung into the lake of fire. Yet so long ago. Who would want them back is the question?”

“Sire, the question lays not with who would want them back. This enigma is who are the Nephilim race?

“Indeed golden falcon.” He said to me in my favor and I rely:

“Sire this magical circle upon the barren rock is nearly faded. What luck we have to be at the end of its color. Another century or two and it’s marks would be lost.”

“We are set upon a path of divine Providence. Come let us fly unannounced here. The great eye is not far.” He said to me as he quietly rose and took flight; his wings expand and cast no shadows over me nor did they disturb the earth around us; he simply began to gently float over the barren-plain; this is when I understood their is nothing beyond his doing. Even in this Vacuum of surrounding dead air he is gentle. Why was a being so powerful so cautious?

I did not have long to ponder this question. For as I took my turn to follow. A foreign sound broke the peace. Suddenly the empty valley became narrow and dense. And I felt a danger change our present circumstance.

With out Prior anticipation or proper guide we fixed our instincts towards the intrusive noise. I did not feel the need to worry but as I looked on to my fellow companion. His face told me everything. His Inferno eyes dim and cool as if they would snuff out at any second. His mouth tightened around his cheek bones. His hands and feet appear to buckle. I felt his energy widen. His own personal shine and Brightness cooled until I could not see him. Even his sharpe armor of sliver could not flash a color. He became a shadow hugging the rocks; a piece of statue.

After some pause to any event approaching I sat on his shoulders. like him I scanned the valley for movement yet my eyes were not as wide and frantic. As I felt the need to question his odd behavior a foreign breeze quietly disturbs our hiding place; this brought about a panic I thought I would not see; The morning star appears to be afraid? A heavy Wall of dust passes over him and to my amazement he immediately fled with out any regard to me.

I fell beck long but swiftly took flight to catch him before I lost his beaming shine the only map to escape this bleak rock and red dust. Yet I had to know who or what approaches? What beast could thrive here in such a hostile environment.

I did not have long to wonder for I found my answer. I saw at a great distance a tiny thing tumble and fall yet it did so gently, and as if it’s indistinct shape laid flat, carried, upon a breeze swinging back and forth until it reached the surface of the many pillars. Only to disappear without a crush, smoke or ending shockwave.

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