King Niclas of Naples in the final four years of his nine year reign appoints noblemen and long time Royal senator Fremont to the rank of Chancellor of Naples. A popular choice for the new Chancellor was a rich and powerful landowner from the north.

In his early years as a senator it became well established in his career Fremont was deeply Misogyny towards the opposite sex. Introducing many laws hindering the rights of women in northern society; for example, woman just 25 years ago were given the right to manage the affairs of the household and the right to vote in town elections while the men were away (fighting in prolonged wars) Now under his return policy they would be forbidden by law once again from managing the affairs of the household or voting rights. Full power was returned to the husbands and male members of the family since the kingdom now enjoyed 10 years of continued peace. However, such laws caused Fremont to come into conflict with a powerful woman, Queen regent Hortense, who saw it as a direct challenge to her authority, but his management of the affairs of state made him untouchable. As the Regent kings bestfriend King Niclas reign saw a spike in his popularity. For mush like the King, Fremont had a grand family background of the most prestigious Aryan heritage which pleased the court greatly, giving him a cloud of divine right about him at court much like the victor king before him. Who was also form the north. All three men were immensely popular. However, again their disregard for women blind them all to the coming dangers Hortense presented until it was far to late.

The Soldiers King

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