“But if might
Goe before right,
and will before skill,
There is our Mill
Misdight.” - proletariat

Short Story: Photo op with Death

DEATH: The Crown Princess

Famke Marshal built titanic monuments to her family’s military and political legacy in the years 2049-51:

She, started at the beginning with the Marshal’s now mythical naval victory at the battle for Twain; erecting a triumphant arch which matched the heights of the Eiffel tower; leading away from this monument stands twenty seven classical Roman triumphant columns which line the main avenue to the palaces grounds 1 mile away; cavered depictions of her step mother Jane Marshals political contributions to Americans foreign policy dotted its surfaces, followed by, her fathers first military victory in the civil wars, and her brothers miracle triumph at the battle for Florida. Lastly, she ends with her acsendon as the next dynasty’s heir. How did this little girl come to such visible power? She started small arranging the Emperors coronation ceremony and entertainments. She set the first stone upon the foundations for her family’s future American style coronation hall which would stand the test of time for the next 650 years. For this remarkable attention to the new world order she receives public praise by all. With the charisma of a born leader she made it clear there would be two prominent members in the official imperial family. With her next aim she acquired the lead role in the reshaping of the Nations capital city, Washington, D.C. With remarkable speed In just 2 years 350,000 homes, public buildings and parks were constructed. Yet in reality less then 10,000 homes were completed for the public. The rest were showcase homes. Symptoms of a new American golden age. It was always her goal to Cement her families prestige with the military through marble stone.

Now, regarded in the Emperors eyes to be a genius in the art of political theater she quickly impressed those in government, business and in the Army high command. Leaving a favorable view with them. Her Intellect and pose would catch the ear of any ambitious Senator, Bureaucrat or General, seeking favor or audience with the new center of power in the Country. Noticeably she fills the power vacuum left vacant by the death of Secretary of State Jane Marshal. Famke would go out of her way to show she alone choice who would have his favor. Augustus mother’s polical party fell deeper out of the regins of Foreign policy when President Marshall and Augustus won their power. They could not impress them even to win their small favors. Yet to their fortune they found a friend in Famke Marshal. She showed she understood the nature of the game in governmental politics. Through her sharing of the emperors foreign policy with a key alliance the Commander of the Air Force, she orchestrates the new world order. By her implementation of state funds, local organization and state terror, Famke gathered each breach of the American bureaucracy to Washington, D.C. and with her unlimited funds provided by the American Emperor she bonded them to her cause for military rule with a monarch as head of state.

2 years earlier on broad the USS Sovereign the treaty negotiated between Europe, Asia Minor, and the Russian federation together make up what is called Sovereigns Peace ( signed September 13, 2048) The document, Sovereigns Peace would bring each nation under the control of the new American Monarchy. The new published newspapers funded by the office of Center one. A vast organization created by Famke Marshal told the new propangda of the day. the mornings head lines publicly hailed the American emperor as the new Prince of Peace. This key technology became the deciding factor in the American empires hold on world dominance.

Four years later into the peace the capital state of Washington, D.C. found a new perception on the Democratic way of life. The senate held session again; mayors and governors returned to their traditional duties. Law and order returned to the cities and urban neighborhoods across Washington state and the states it wiped out by the wars. The federal Governments traditional seat of authority found its way back to liberal democracy despite Augustus Marshal changing the rules of the game. The view was, the great Democracy, had lost the war with the crowning of Augustus as the first Emperor of all Americans. But by his actions and those of his followers he centered all political and military power with in his new office but this did not come about publicly at first. Being at war with Greater China and out of the country for most of his rule created a Nice buffer between what was reality and what was propaganda. Allowing many to come to terms with the reality of their day. And for a period of time by the force of his character the United States Constitution would be respected among the American people and lower government officials. Unofficially among the military leaders, senators, and the President of the United States they knew the word of the Emperor was law. For their loyalty to the Emperor the public and government enjoyed peace for the first time in 35 years of civil war.

He through his victories guaranteed things would stay the same. The west would rule the world. He publicly made a speech to that effect. Keeping to his promise; “The capital city to the Republic will became the center of the unverivse once again.”

Apart from a few districts falling to ruin the capital city still functioned on its own as a self contained city state before the new construction; though primary a waste land of hollow grey buildings to sketch the landscape as distant as the human eye could see. This “modern City” that sheltered the last of the Americans. Became a paradise to what remained of the people living in North America. Now wealthy citizens faired no better than the poor. Yet For a time the norms of social order where the elite classes saw them selfs above the common citizen remained strong. Collectively they graciously awaited their new privileges under the new monarchy. Yet it would never come. they fall victim to the age old lies of princes. As did the common citizen. They traditionally saw themselves as having no more than their fair share and still Kept to the idea of the nulucer family. They hoped for the best under the new world order. But today This moral understanding of helping you’re neighbors, freedom of speech and voting to elect their leaders for the Highest office which started in the late 1700s and now ending in the twenty forties. No longer mattered; for the knowledge of yesteryear did little to ease the life of this unfortunate generation. Understanding this point Famke Marshal built the future. She built what the majority of the torch bares of western civilization wanted. A society of their own; and she crescent it Paradisum, the New City

Any groups, individuals, or organizations, aposing the new world order we’re swiftly sent to the country side.

What did it feel like for the average person to enter its gates? Drive on it’s paved roads. Dine in its restaurants and cafes. We’re the streets empty or full of the normal 20th century comings and going’s of American life or was it like the 90s in North Korea? We’re there solders patrolling every neighborhood block or hardly any around. Were there watch towers, bib wire or what the native Americans call “Devil rope” or concrete walls separating each county? Was there freedom of movement? Rules about the greeting of people on the street. How clean was the city neighborhood by neighborhood? We’re all the houses new or just painted over? Any trees? Or gardens? Any animals? Pets? Any modern technology? Cars? Bikes? Live Bill broads or ads? What company’s survived 24 years of civil war? Did the central banks survive? Did the Supreme Court house still stand or was it repaired as a gesture of good faith the American emperor obeyed the Constitution and its laws.

These questions and more were on Jessica Marshals mind as she nervously drives to the capital of Washington D.C. After two years of being away to start a new life with her family and after two years alway from politics. Jessica was forced back into her family’s drama for power.

It started when she witnessed an injustice while out with her family and Hallie. Both wanting a way out

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